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Photo Reprints

Photo Reprint and Publishing Policies

Images appearing in the Optimist print edition are available for reprint and for publication through professional licensing. We have designed these policies for the greatest flexibility to our readers while being sensitive to the unique needs of professional publishers.

Only content created by student journalists working for the Optimist is available for printing and publication.

Your order is greatly appreciated. Much of the JMC Network Student Media is self-supported and relies on this and other forms of revenue in order to provide important news and information to the ACU community. Proceeds from print sales and licensing fees go back into the Optimist to help pay student salaries and other expenses.

Review the policy options below for the plan that best meets your needs.

Personal Use

This applies to prints made for personal use only. These prints may not be used for commercial or promotional purpose.

Price Options

All prices are for personal, non-commercial uses and include shipping and handling.

  • 4″x6″ – $5.00
  • 5″x7″ – $8.00
  • 8″x10″ – $15.00
  • 20″x30″ – $50.00

Photo Cropping

Our staff will crop the chosen image for a ‘best fit’ into the desired print size you select, which most of the time will fill the entire image area. Sometimes, however, a non-standard crop is required to preserve the spirit of the photograph. In those rare cases, a slightly larger margin is created on either the vertical or horizontal dimensions of the print. Overall, every effort will be made to preserve the display integrity of the print.

Copyright Watermark

Every printed image sold will feature a small, unobtrusive watermark ’signature’ in the lower right corner of the image. This is similar to commercial portrait studios and will not detract from the display quality of the image.

Payment & Ordering

Email your order information to and include a description of the photo and/or the web address of the image. Be sure to tell us the best way to contact you and work out payment details.

Using personal use images for any other purpose than what was intended is not permitted.

Electronic-only Publication

No license fees required when criteria described below is met.

This applies all electronic, non-broadcast publishing including, but not limited to, Internet web pages of any kind and interfaces on portable or mobile devices. This does not apply to static kiosks, digital signage or other forms of promotional use.

The best solution for most republication scenarios is to use the cut-and-paste embed code from Flickr’s photo sharing tools. Follow the links to the acuoptimist Flickr page and click on the “Share this” button above the photo.

Additional Requirements

  • Image may not be used to intentionally hurt, damage or mislead in any way.
  • The original published appearance of the image must be preserved.
  • The ACU Optimist watermark must remain visible on the image.
  • Images must be served from the original Flickr source. Do not copy images to another server.
  • Credit line must be given when aesthetically possible.
  • Any image link present must direct to the image’s Flickr page or to

Promotional Use

This applies to the use of images or videos to promote a person, product, idea or similar entity. This can be in the form of posters, billboards, product packaging, advertising, commercial or any other public venture.

Original digital image files are provided with this license.

Due to the uniqueness of each promotional situation we ask that you contact us to discuss terms. Special considerations typically apply, but the following are required with any usage:

  • Images must be used for purpose in which it was licensed.
  • Credit line must be given when aesthetically possible.

Print Publication

This applies to the use of images in print publications, including, but not limited to, newspapers, magazines, journals, trade publications and books.

Original digital image files are provided with this license.

Circulation and market are considered when determining license fees. Due to the uniqueness of each promotional situation we ask that you contact us to discuss your needs.

Broadcast Publication

This applies to any JMC Network print, graphic or video product re-published, in part or whole, in any video product made available to an audience through such methods as, but not limited to, over-air or cable television broadcast, web broadcast or similar.

Copyright Statement

All work product, including stories, images and video, produced by the JMC Network news staff and published in the Optimist online or in print remain the property of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication. All unauthorized use of that work product is a violation of federal copyright law and opens infringers to civil and criminal penalties.

Policy updated: 11-29-2010

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