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Letter: Reminder to save water

By Cheyenne Barry, freshman accounting major from Henrietta, Tommy Lininger, sophomore criminal justice major from Sacramento, Calif. and Danqing Zhu, freshman international studies major from Fauzhou, China. We would like to send out a friendly reminder to all ACU faculty and students to conserve as much water as possible. The water supply here in Abilene […]

Solomon: Sin should not be praised

Response to “Our demand leads to celeb supply” by Mathew Solomon, junior information technology major from Austin Ms. Alicia Wood, To begin this response I must say that you make a valid point. The reason why Cyrus has accumulated so much fame is due to our societies’ sick fascination with celebrity immorality. I understand that […]

Emery: Son encouraged by Chapel audience

Wednesday morning, Abilene Christian Elementary Students performed their Christmas program during Chapel. My son had a solo part. He got flustered and had to start his song over. The ACU students in attendance cheered for him and encouraged him before he restarted and after he finished. That really meant a lot to him and he […]

Coan: Referees should enforce Waterball rules

By Grace Coan, sophomore Ad/PR major from Colleyville Waterball has become one of the most popular sports here at Abilene Christian University. Students varying from different social clubs, majors and classifications participate in this epic event. The players on the “field”, an indoor swimming pool, wait eagerly for the sound of the whistle before they […]

Schubert: SBCs will continue

This is President Phil Schubert’s response to a previous Optimist story found here: Last week, the Optimist published an article titled, “ACU drops Spring Break Campaigns.” While unintentional, the information reported was inaccurate and the result of some misunderstandings. ACU is not dropping Spring Break Campaigns, and we will continue our commitment to provide year-round […]

Wood: Response to ’50 Shades of women’s roles’

Response to “50 Shades of women’s roles” by Gary Wood from Sacramento, Calif. Alikay and Editor, I applaud your pluck. Nevertheless, some of your brush strokes are a wee bit broad.  Assuming  that “Fifty Shades of Grey,” is about dominance and submission, the assertion that these ideas are central to traditional Christian teaching is unacceptable. […]

Letter to the Editor: Football should be merciful

By Alyssa Johnson, sophomore English major from Claude. Someone once said “All’s fair in love and war.” For many, football is a passion deeper than many other loves, and to the casual observer, its semblance to war is uncanny.  However, any time one team ends the game with 78 more points than the other seems […]

Next step crucial for Students’ Association

The dust is settling from two long weeks of campaigning and three hard days of voting. There are still random bits of evidence that our student body elected next year’s executive officers, but for the most part the campaign material is down and life goes on. For many students the Students’ Association returns to being […]

VP to create an active Congress

I am very excited about this upcoming year. I feel like Students’ Association is in a unique position in that we as an organization have the opportunity to make a huge impact on this campus. As the executive vice president, my job will mainly deal with the internal affairs of the student body, like events […]

ACU can expect significant budget changes

I’d like to first start off by saying thank you to everyone who went out and voted Wednesday, Thursday, and more importantly, Friday. Your voice as a student has significant power! I am extremely excited to begin working with all of the student organizations on campus, and begin working with Dylan and Rodney, the newly […]

McKay: Women should have equal opportunities at ACU

By Liz McKay, sophomore social work major from Wichita, Kan. Dear Dr. Schubert: Let me begin by expressing my gratitude for all of the change that has been happening on campus as of late. Compared to the past, there has been an incredible push for including women in many aspects of campus life, such as […]

Open letter to ACU from Davis’ family

To the Editor: Last Sunday, several members of our family attended the evening devotional service for a moving lament praying for the students involved in last Friday’s terrible accident, for the tragic loss of Lindsey Smith, and most graciously for the family of my son Jeffrey Davis, who also died. I want to express how deeply I, […]

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