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Life lessons learned in the kitchen

Today I set out to turn culinary chaos into divine dinner. I ended up with something more valuable than becoming a better cook. If you recall, last week I decided to embark on becoming a better cook. If you can’t recall, check out my last blog entry. So anyways, back to the kitchen. I chose […]

Enjoy your homemade colorful gourmet

A good way to select vegetables is to look at the color — the darker and more colorful a vegetable is, the more nutritious. Beautiful colors add flavor and enjoyment to a dish, and fried celery beef is a good example. It’s also one of the easiest Chinese dishes to make. For this dish, you’ll […]

Combating my caffeine craving

For years, studies have been conducted on college students and how they use caffeine products. Results vary widely, but what is known about caffeine is that it can become addictive, and what I know about caffeine is that it is hard to get through a busy day at school without it. Last Friday, I checked […]

Texas’ foods steeped in tradition

Traditions reign supreme in Texas. After 175 years of independence, residents of the Lone Star State maintain one of the most unique diets in the nation. Most states have a state food. Residents of Maine prefer the blue crab as their state fare. Floridians adopted the orange as their state fruit.  Texas, not surprisingly, has […]

Keep your hands to yourself – and off my French fries.

“The One with the Birth Mother,” Season 10, episode nine. Don’t be misled: This episode of “Friends” is really all about the food – a message hammered home by Joey’s impassioned yell, “Joey doesn’t share food!” as he tries to explain a date gone wrong to mystified friends. Generally, people don’t remember Joey’s character for […]

Nikki’s Swirl Shoppe sells frozen yogurt, not FroYo

Frozen yogurt and FroYo are not the same thing. Both act as a healthier alternative to ice cream, but go about it in different ways. FroYo is a fresh, trendy treat has a tart taste and is made primarily from yogurt as a healthy alternative to the creamy, but high-calorie ice cream. Over the last […]

My Cooking Quest

I’m pretty sure I set off the smoke alarm at least three times this morning. I decided that I would treat my friends to a home-cooked breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, sausage, homemade hashbrowns and biscuits. Now I am pretty confident to say that I can bake with the best of them, but cooking homemade meals […]

Burger joint offers affordable fare

My roommate from California insists that no one has lived until they’ve had a hamburger from In-N-Out. I am among those not from the west that have enjoyed a burger from this restaurant, and am waiting patiently for those franchises to open back home in DFW. This same roommate is a big believer that Rick […]

Three ways to save big on food

Most college students are faced with a daily battle of epic proportions –  their empty wallets wage war on their empty stomachs. Students often engage in a daily scavenger hunt for whatever nuts in berries they can get their paws on, or at least afford. Fortunately, many eateries near campus offer special discounts – the perfect remedy […]

It’s Thai time!

Since moving from its hole-in-the-wall Treadaway location to 3309 S. 1st St. several years ago, Ann Thai Kitchen gained an ‘s and an a far more posh restaurant atmosphere. Visitors will appreciate its clean and sophisticated Asian décor, complete with a portrait of the Thai king gracing the establishment; yet all the while, the restaurant […]

Dixie Pig-Out

Stepping into the Dixie Pig is like stepping back in time to the 1950’s. A time where diners acted like today’s fast food restaurants and waitresses knew your name and your order without asking. The historic Abilene restaurant, nicknamed by regulars as “the Pig,” opened in 1931 with significant structural renovations made in 1941 and […]

Authentic Mexican food for little dinero

I love authentic Mexican food. So you can imagine my delight when I discovered Casa Herrera. Owned by Chris and Liz Herrera, the restaurant moved from Burro Alley to its current location, 4109 Ridgemont Drive, in 1992. The restaurant strives to keep its reputation as being an authentic family-owned establishment.  In fact, don’t be surprised […]

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