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Mental health and anime

Why is it that many toss anime off to the side, calling it “childish” or say “it’s just a cartoon”, when many anime shows deal with heavy issues, such as mental illness and suicide? These shows portray these topics in a realistic sense, not like  many shows in america that toss it off to the […]

Is coffee and Jesus all you need?

“All I need is coffee and Jesus.” It’s a popular phrase on mugs, T-shirts and Instagram. It’s a phrase heard often on campus in different forms. “I spend all my Bean Bucks on Starbucks.” “Coffee is life.” But with Lent, a season of sacrifice, right around the corner, we must ask ourselves whether or not […]

Media changes celebration of black history

Social media and the Internet have taken the celebration of Black history to a new level. After the Black Lives Matter movement, members of the black community have expressed discontent with how people handle race-related conversation and feel that issues are properly recognized or taken seriously. But different media outlets have redeemed itself with the […]

Texting a powerful tool in stopping domestic violence

One of the most unsettling commercials in this year’s Super Bowl was the “No More” domestic violence ad. The ad was simple, with no music, displaying only text messages on an iPhone screen. One girl texts her friend and invites her to a Super Bowl party. The friend says she can’t go out because “Jake is […]

NFL headed in downward spiral

The NFL is cracking down on the safety of the players, but what are they doing for the safety of the people? Fans can argue all they want about how the game is being ruined by the referees, or how the league is rigged, but at the end of the day the league’s biggest problem […]

Sing song is about having a good time

Sing song is just a week away, and people are going to get overly competitive as usual. We all seem to get a little edgy because of the lack of sleep and inter-club/inter-class rivalry. Most people are guilty of getting too into the annual event, and if they say they don’t, then they’re lying. Although […]

How Cam Newton blew his post game interview

Cam Newton walked out of his Super Bowl post game press conference. No matter what the reasons were, he walked out. Twenty four hours before, he had been named the NFL’s Most Valuable Player and regarded as the face of the league. For him to achieve so much in one season and then to conduct himself […]

Why we should take advantage of the cultural awareness requirement?

Why should we care about other cultures? Simple, we live in a diverse world. We can’t run away from culture. ACU alone has over 50 nations represented on campus. Undergraduates are required to take either six hours of a foreign language or cultural awareness classes. This is a smart course to take advantage of, yet […]

We should all be like Beyonce

Beyoncé took over the Super Bowl this year by releasing a music video debuting her new single Formation the day before the big event setting a great example of what we should all be doing: advocating for those others. The video features the singer in post-Katrina Louisiana embracing her “Texas-Bama” roots and speaking on empowerment along […]

Attention all coffee addicts

For the past several years, there has been a rise in studies done on caffeine, or the dark and bold, magical drink that college students thrive on… coffee. It is the answer to a late night of studying for a test and the essential for powering through a 10-paged paper that is due the next day. […]

ACU lands best recruiting of Collums’ era

ACU football finished national signing day landing 20 prospects including eight players ranked fairly high on the recruiting database, Eight of the players were given a two-star rating or higher meaning they are usually on Div. I Football Bowl Subdivision rosters. This class represents ACU’s full movement from Div. II to Football Championship Subdivision. They ranked sixth […]

Why all students should use a daily planner

  Assignment due dates, exams, major research papers, coffee dates, girlfriend/boyfriend dates, sporting events, work schedules… the list goes on of things college students forget about because they don’t keep with up a daily planner. However, if college students use a daily planner, they are able to meet all of these needs and live up […]

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