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Transgender rights can’t be ignored

After the civil rights movement of the 1960s, it is often thought the fight for equal rights was won a long time ago. But for transgender Americans, the fight for those rights is an uphill battle. Only 18 states have laws that prohibit discrimination based on gender identity, and out of the remaining states that have no such […]

To my future employers: pick me, pick me

As I look back on my time here at ACU and working on the Optimist, I can’t help but get sentimental. Sure, that might be the pre-finals sleep deprivation getting to me, but I am so blessed with all the life skills I’ve acquired through my time as editor. I can’t wait to share my talents with […]

Miitomo is Miitertaining and Miiddicting

Miitomo is the first mobile app made by Japanese game developer, Nintendo, and is already a worldwide hit. After launching on March 31 worldwide, it skyrocketed to the No. 1 free app on Apple’s iTunes store and No. 2 on the top free Android apps behind Facebook Messenger. Miitomo is a social media app that […]

MLK Jr. Speech to be remembered

Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the one time out of the year where schools, communities, and churches from all around the country stop not only to remember the great leader that MLK Jr. was, but to remember the famous words that struck our nation today. However, it seems that for the condition our country is in […]

The value of higher education: Is it worth it?

ACU seems to be taking into account that the price of its education needs to match the value of its education, as the university offers a plethora of resources and opportunities students can’t get at many other places while growing in a spiritual community while constantly finding ways to improve the university to promote innovation. […]

The time to revise is now

Here at ACU there are 10 classes every student is required to take in order to graduate that they cannot be exempted from. Four of these classes consist of BIBL 101 Jesus: His Life and Teachings, BIBL 102 Life, Literature, and Community, BIBL 211 Message of the Old Testament and finally an advanced bible, which […]

‘Chicken parm you taste so good’

Choosing a college is hard because they are a lot of factors to consider. Majors, the size of the campus, proximity to home, cost of tuition and several other determinants, but I never really considered the food served on campus. Now looking back, I realize my decision would have been easier if I had tasted […]

NBA All-Star voting is just absurd

The National Basketball Association’s fan voting for the All-Star game is broken. The once gleaming idea that fans could vote their favorite players in as starters has been reduced to a system that robs deserving players of an opportunity to gain national recognition for their achievements. On paper, the idea seems great. Fans get to […]

Mental health and anime

Why is it that many toss anime off to the side, calling it “childish” or say “it’s just a cartoon”, when many anime shows deal with heavy issues, such as mental illness and suicide? These shows portray these topics in a realistic sense, not like  many shows in america that toss it off to the […]

Is coffee and Jesus all you need?

“All I need is coffee and Jesus.” It’s a popular phrase on mugs, T-shirts and Instagram. It’s a phrase heard often on campus in different forms. “I spend all my Bean Bucks on Starbucks.” “Coffee is life.” But with Lent, a season of sacrifice, right around the corner, we must ask ourselves whether or not […]

Media changes celebration of black history

Social media and the Internet have taken the celebration of Black history to a new level. After the Black Lives Matter movement, members of the black community have expressed discontent with how people handle race-related conversation and feel that issues are properly recognized or taken seriously. But different media outlets have redeemed itself with the […]

Texting a powerful tool in stopping domestic violence

One of the most unsettling commercials in this year’s Super Bowl was the “No More” domestic violence ad. The ad was simple, with no music, displaying only text messages on an iPhone screen. One girl texts her friend and invites her to a Super Bowl party. The friend says she can’t go out because “Jake is […]

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