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In real world, you must take the ones with the zeros

They say there are 10 kinds of people in this world: those who understand binary code and those who don’t. For the latter half, it’s basically the bare-bones of any code that goes through a computer processor, where billions of zeroes and ones come together to create text, images, video and basically anything electronically seen […]

Online ads a new must for politics

Whenever a presidential election year comes around, I can’t help but think back and wonder where I was at the last election. I was a bright-eyed college freshman. I was still working at Chuck E. Cheese’s, but quickly realizing that I needed to find a job more suited to my chosen field. I was still […]

Election is a choice between two evils

If there’s one thing I have to say about both the Republican and the Democratic candidate in this election, it is that both of them are equally… dreadful. We’ve seen in the debates in recent weeks that both of them have no desire to work together. They talked over each other, and the debate moderator, […]

Apparently, everything is like Facebook

Remember when we tackled that MySpace trailer talking about its new design and such? Well, the next week Facebook decided to release their own commercial, if you can call it that. Coming out just after their announcement of 1 billion active users, it could easily be read as a battle cry to claim the other […]

Wellness should be constant initiative

Show of hands: who participated in Wellness Week last week? Looks like it had an OK turnout. Now how many of you even knew it existed and was going on last week? Perhaps you might have been too busy to attend. Don’t worry, we’re not criticizing you. We think Wellness Week should be much longer […]

MySpace wants us back, says they’ve changed

Anybody remember their MySpace profile? You know, the one with the putrid green and magenta background adorned with glittery inspirational quotes and hundreds of animated GIFs that would take ages to load even on today’s computers? Yeah, we only wish we could forget. It’s was especially hard to forget this week when MySpace launched a […]

What Apple could do with an auto

If you remember the article I wrote in “The Pessimist,” our annual satirical issue, I joked briefly about Apple announcing the new iPhone 5G:SUV. But I’ve been thinking lately: What if it were true? This week, Apple announced the iPhone 5 and as usual, the tech world went bananas over it. But what if Apple […]

Direct downloads are a game-changer

If you want to buy the the latest entry in the Super Mario Bros. franchise, you won’t have to leave your dorm room, house or other dwelling. For the first time in its history, Nintendo is allowing owners of its 3DS console the ability to buy and download a full, retail game directly to their […]

Power of nostalgia keeps retro-game culture alive

In today’s forward-thinking world of technology, it’s always out with the old and in with the new, and this is a good thing. Technology and its progress impacts and enhances our world in more ways than we realize, or will realize. But a certain amount of press must be given to yesterday’s technology: the previous […]

iTunes’ customer service falls short

My iTunes account was recently hacked. How it happened, I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. I knew I had to take action when my account password and security questions stopped working along with various bills for apps I didn’t buy started appearing in my inbox. Getting the fraudulent charges removed was the easiest part of […]

On-campus database needs overhaul

For most of you, it’s registration time. The time every semester when students of a certain classification camp out in front of their computers, as if waiting for a Justin Bieber concert, to be the first into myACU to register for the next semester’s classes. Even if you manage to get past the login screen, […]

Justice due for software developers

It’s Justice Week, so I’d like to bring to light to a growing injustice that most people don’t think about: software piracy. It may seem like a recent problem, mainly eased on by the proliferation of the internet, But this is anything but.. Back in the early 80s it first came to light with one of […]

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