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Martin: Mistakes in board’s endorsement of Obama

Response to Oct. 24 endorsement by Jonathan Martin, junior biology/pre-med major from San Antonio. My initial response to Endorsement: Obama for a Second Term posted online and in last Wednesday’s paper was annoyance at several mistakes in the article but also respect to the editorial board for writing an article that is obviously not going […]

Perkins: Abortion is not as simple as cupcakes

The issue of abortion is one so polarizing in America that many people avoid talking about it. It is equally divisive in the Christian community, where many incorrectly assume that all Christians are “pro-life”. First of all, the issue is not as rhetorically simple as “pro-life”, and its binary opposite “pro-death”. The choice to have […]

Carpenter: Flower beds can be used for good

I was sitting in the Chapel forum the other day, listening to the Seekers of the Word, when a joke was made regarding the decorative cabbage that we have on campus. That joke spurred a thought in my mind. If we can grow decorative cabbage, why can’t we grow real, edible cabbage? There are hungry […]

Leitner: Cupcakes meant to raise conversation

The abortion issue is made complicated by emotions and situational circumstances. These attributes both contribute to its avoidance in conversation and to the general lack of understanding about it in our culture. In reading last weeks Optimist I was not surprised to find a published letter negatively portraying my efforts to raise awareness of abortion […]

Smith: Justice Week benefits campus

In 2006 students from different student groups across the ACU campus came together for what we be the first annual Justice Week. Since its inception, Justice Week has helped bring the campus together around issues ranging from fresh water and food to sex trafficking and slavery. Christians have holy obligations to love those around them […]

Camp: Clash of the Dodgeball Titans

By Jon “Pink Slime” Camp Fair Melpomene, Sing of our ferocious dodgeball madness, Recount our undergrad slaughter. Set to purpose my pen to greatness, As I make the millennials shudder. For on the barren plain of Gym A, We find our hero McCracken. He is our Maximus, indeed, Doctore! For whom we will leave all […]

Whitt: Willingness to share tops income

While I do appreciate the article on house churches, I beg to differ on the ability of such a group to provide for each other. I was part of a house church in San Antonio for almost a year, and we had about 15 people on average in attendance. We had all ages represented, and […]

Holmes: Christians can’t balk at issues

I am a senior at ACU and have enjoyed my experience here. This school is an exceptional institution for higher learning that encourages Christian relationships and servant leadership. The community that the students, faculty and staff build is honorable. However, I have noticed that ACU has avoided consistent discussions on controversial topics in the world. […]

Taylor: A heart for service broken

I’m a junior here at ACU, and I have a heart for service. I’m also a resident assistant in Gardner Hall where I get to reach people daily and show them Christ through my actions. One of my residents, Anna Ciufo, was a victim of the bus accident last semester, and I’m completely elated with […]

Meyer: Offer daily Chapel respect

It must have happened when I wasn’t looking. Surely I would have noticed…But I didn’t…until Friday. When did America earn the right to garner more respect than the God of the Universe? I was overcome with respect and gratitude this past Friday as together the ACU community and many visitors honored each branch of the […]

Austin: Paterno’s inaction caused irreparable harm

In response to the recent article in the Optimist about the firing of Joe Paterno I would like to present my reasoning for his firing being justified. I love JoePa as much as the next sports fanatic and I feel like he is my grandpa without ever meeting him. He’s built a great legacy on […]

Team: Fan support spurs victory

ACU Men’s Basketball wants to give a special thank you to the ACU students, staff and Wildcat basketball fans who came out to watch the Men’s basketball team last Friday and Saturday during our opening weekend. We were very fortunate to get out to a fantastic start of the 2011 – 2012 season producing a […]

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