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ACU Women’s Tennis defeat Division I teams

The ACU women’s Tennis team swept New Mexico Military Institute and then faced down the Division I Texas-Pan America team. The Wildcats are the number 1 ranked team in the South Central Region. Video by Matthew Woodrow

Outlaws and Legends: Festival to feature country music icons

The first Outlaws and Legends Music Fest will begin Saturday at Joe Allen’s Lytle Bend Ranch. The 17 artists, playing 9 sets, will start performing at 10 a.m., playing until 1 a.m. Mark Powell, director of Outlaws and Legends, originally planned for the event to be a venue just for him and his friends to […]

Mauri Westbrook retires to raise family

After five years at her position as coordinator of Student Activities and Organizations, Mauri Westbrook will retire to raise a family as a stay-at-home mom. Westbrook said she was excited to be raising a daughter but was also sad to be leaving. “ACU will always hold a special place in my heart, but this is […]

Overheard at ACU causes campus Twitter

A new social media presence “Overheard at ACU” is retweeting and posting what students at Abilene Christian University are talking about. The site’s administrators trawl students walls and tweets, and then post what they say on its on page. Students are also able to post what they heard on campus themselves. Scott Kilmer, director of […]

Pecans provide simple pleasures

I made a resolution to walk to school every day this semester, not because I was concerned with my global footprint and reducing carbon emissions, but because I’m a cheap son-of-a-gun, who hates paying $3 a gallon for gas. Surprisingly enough, I’ve kept my New Year’s Resolution – it actually only covers five months – […]

Church service soothes stress

Sunday morning church service is a time filled with communion and connecting with God and with our fellow man. It’s a time to rest from the week, but sometimes we feel like we’re too busy to rest. It’s common knowledge that on days like Easter and Christmas, church attendance booms. But on the other side […]

Art students plan New York trip for spring break

Spring break will take on a more metropolitan design for Ryan Feerer, Mike Wiggins and their 20 students this March. Visiting professor Feerer and Wiggins, department chair of Art and Design and associate professor will take the 20 students to New York City to meet with a variety of designers, schools and studios during the […]

Video: New reptile exhibit opens at Abilene Zoo

Abilene Zoo opened up a new reptile exhibit by the Elm Creek Backyard exhibit. The exhibit consists of two windows containg a common iguana found in South America, two red-footed tortoises and two Coahuila box turtles. Video/editing by Matthew Woodrow

New reptile exhibit opens at Abilene Zoo

The Abilene Zoo opened a new reptile exhibit by the Elm Creek Back Yard exhibit on Jan. 28. The exhibit consists of two windows containing a common iguana found in South America, two red-footed tortoises and a Coahuila box turtle. Bill Gersonde, Zoo Director, said he is proud that Abilene Zoo is one of the […]

Gym clothes should be rented

When I was buying my schoolbooks for the upcoming semester, a particular shelf caught my eye. Instead of being filled with textbooks, it had multiple clothing items. On closer examination I discovered that this year we had to buy our exercise science clothes for the first time. Surprising yes, but no big deal. I approved […]

Sing Song to boast big numbers

Sing Song is a major part of ACU’s spring semester, but this year’s production could be the biggest in its 55-year history. Sing Song 2011, “Faves!” will feature 17 competitive acts in addition to the downstage transitional acts performed by hosts and hostesses and accompanied by the ACU Jazz Ensemble. Tom Craig, director of Sing […]

Civil Rights Tour to visit historic Southern sites

Students will have the opportunity to go on a Civil Rights Tour the week after finals, visiting many places that were pivotal during the Civil Rights Movement. Dr. Richard Beck, professor of psychology and department chair; Dr. David Dillman, professor of political science and Jennifer Dillman, associate professor of sociology and family studies, will offer […]

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