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Panoramic: AT&T Learning Studio

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Going Green in Abilene

You’ve seen the commercials, who wouldn’t want more money? And how can you save money and help protect the earth at the same time? Matthew Woodrow speaks with a local author Diedra Holley about how she cut her bills in half and reduced her global footprint. KACU News The News At Noon Air Date: Oct. […]

The Effects Of Education Cuts

When the government announced that nationally there would be a deficit, political groups and pundits immediately started hailing what programs needed to be cut to balance the budget. In our state, a similar process is taking place as Texas leaders announced a $29 billion budget shortfall. As with most budget deficits, the first cuts made […]

Jumburrito opens Abilene location

Jumburrito, a Midland-based burrito restaurant, opened its doors in the former Taco Bell location on South First Street on Wednesday. José Cuevas, Jr., founder and president of Jumburrito, established the restaurant with his wife in 1979, when he was 22 years old. Since then, he has expanded Jumburrito to include four locations in Midland, two […]

Worship wants childlike gusto

Every Sunday, the college group from my church gets together, eats supper, conducts a short bible study and has a time of fellowship, talking about our lives, the latest football game and future plans. This last Sunday, instead of following the usual format, we decided to sing some church songs. After going through the traditional […]

Utility bills require strict attention

Many of us had to go without water on Monday morning, when the water main broke on East North 16th Street. In one of my friend’s classes, students took an extra long break when their teacher had to visit the library to use the bathroom. The inconvenience for the teacher probably seemed like a blessing […]

Chapel prepares Holy Week

In a series entitled “Holy Week,” Chapel will be taking lessons from the Gospel of John, picking up last semester’s theme. The Chapels leading up to the Easter break will lead up to focusing on the crucifixion of Jesus. Mark Lewis, assistant dean for Spiritual Life and Chapel programs, said he thinks this series will […]

Education cuts concern graduating students

The recession and budget cuts affecting the country and state now are being felt within the College of Education and Human Services. Angela Stornello, senior education major from Arlington, said she worries about job availability. “It’s scary. I’m about to graduate, and their aren’t any jobs,” Stornello said. “I went to an ACU job fair […]

Students ready for fashion show

A group of ACU students have partnered with the Advertising/Public Relations Club to put on the annual fashion show. “In the RED Fashion Show” will take place April 30 at the Windsor Hotel and will support the Red Thread Movement. The Red Thread Movement began in 2009 by Brittany Partridge, junior political science major from […]

Photos display dishonest picture

In the past two weeks I have had photographers come to three of my classes to take pictures of me. OK, maybe not me specifically, but they were there and they were taking pictures for marketing purposes and the university’s website. I found that many people have an adverse reaction to the thought of their […]

Service provides unexpected joy

This spring break, I went to Chicago on a spring break campaign. I originally had gone as a favor to a friend who needed somebody older than 21 to drive a van, but at the end of the trip, I was so glad I went – not because of the generic tourist stuff, but because […]

Snow cone season signals spring

Snow cone stands around Abilene are opening for the summer season, including Cajun Cones and Hard Rock Ice, both located conveniently near ACU’s campus. Hard Rock Ice is located off Judge Ely Boulevard between North 10th Street and Rushwood Drive, while Cajun Cones has a new location behind Chicken Express on North 10th Street. Maria […]

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