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Four students involved in rollover accident

Four ACU students were injured in a rollover accident on Loop 322 near Highway 36 just before 9 p.m. Sunday. The students are Philomena DeHoyos from Seguin, Kristopher Normand from Fort Knox, Kentucky, Shalina Sadruddin from Carrollton and Michelle Weidenaar from Arvada, Colorado. The students were sent to Hendrick Medical Center. Anna Koistinen, freshman journalism […]

The final frontier: A senior’s tale

Part of our department’s senior send-off included writing our goals and dreams on balloons and releasing them into the sky. There are how many trees in Abilene? Not that many. Yet my balloon found one of them and was denied its ascent. As I stood there, surveying the irony of the situation I thought to […]

‘Faith Calls’ to everyone

On Sunday, the university was graced with the presence of three cast members of A&E’s record-breaking reality show Duck Dynasty. Si, Alan and Lisa Robertson fought severe weather and a delayed flight to share tales and a few laughs with the Abilene community during an event named “Faith Calls.” The message they shared was simple, but […]

The post-grad world awaits

Graduation is looming ahead like a mountain, and the future is on the other side. Prospective graduates everywhere are making plans for the rest of their lives, which is no small task. Some are searching for jobs and some still have yet to decide what they want to be when they “grow up.” What many […]

Confessions of a coffee addict

We’ve been together for four years. Our relationship has been through thick and thin, but lately we’ve hit a rough patch from which there is no recovery. It’s time for me to break up with my coffee maker. Trust me, it’s easier said than done. My coffee maker has always been there supplying me with […]

Caution: You are what you tweet

Twitter has given millions of people the opportunity to express themselves. It’s a fun way to connect with friends, follow celebrities, laugh at a meme, share some news and read spoilers about your favorite TV show. Time and location don’t matter. With the push of a button, followers can be privy to every thought, experience, […]

Media portrays what love is not

Of all the television programs currently airing, The Bachelor is one of the most unnerving. The pseudo-reality dating show features a single man and the 20 or more female contestants chosen to be his love interests. The show includes group dates, one-on-one dates, overnight dates and a whole lot of pointless drama. The Bachelor is […]

Sing Song judges will critique acts

The judges for Sing Song have been selected to preside over the three performances this weekend. Tom Craig, director of student productions, said 30 total judges were chosen, with 10 judges assessing each show. “Of those 10 per show, seven are what we call category judges and three are vocal judges,” he said. Craig said […]

The 10 best modes of transportation

I’ve traveled a lot during my life, so I’ve gotten to use many different methods to get from place to place. I’ve experienced cars, planes, trains, buses, boats, bicycles, horses, taxies, subways, a gondola and even a helicopter. Each of these forms has provided its own unique adventure, some good and some bad. Yet even […]

COBA professor gets “ticked” in Australia

While leading a class trip in Australia during Christmas break, an ACU professor had a brief encounter with a tick that left him hospitalized for several days. Dr. Ian Shepherd, associate professor of management sciences, said he had to delay his return to the U.S. until Sunday, but he has been running his first week of […]

CCSL prepares for 2014 campaigns

The coordinators for Spring Break Campaigns are working to increase participation in the upcoming trips. Mary Beth Cuevas, SBC coordinator and associate director for ACU Leadership Camps, said four people have applied for leadership positions. She said these people will help in the office and she hopes they will be able to lead campaigns as […]

New Year’s wipeout and realizations

After feeling like I accomplished a lot during 2013, on New Year’s Day I learned a valuable lesson. I was with my extended family in Wolf Creek, Colo. on our bi-annual ski trip. First, let me point out that I’m no novice skier. I had my first lesson when I was three years old and have […]

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