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Sister offers final farewell advice

Graduation looms, and after four years of Optimist service, I have one more column to write. There still are stories untold, anecdotes unused and limericks unpublished, but this is my last chance to shove my views onto the ACU populous. This one should be special. During my time at ACU, I’ve accumulated plenty of mentors […]

Informed traveling preempts mortifying moments

The rotund Frenchman glowered up at me from below his balding, dark forehead, continuing to rattle off sharp reprimands in a language I couldn’t hope to understand. Rolling my eyes toward Notre Dame’s glorious, bricked archways, I half-prayed for some divine resolution as five classmates huddled behind me. We watched the rest of our class […]

Make Hay: ACU’s Rhoden Farm enriches learning experiences for involved students

Passing the Super Walmart, as subdivisions begin to dwindle, Ambler becomes Texas State Highway 351 East 351 and shrinks to two lanes. Mesquite trees dot the grassy plains and urban life slowly gives way to rural West Texas, with farmhouses keeping watch over grazing cattle and horses, all under the revolving arms of the wind […]

Faith alleviates fallibility of plans

On June 6, 1944, many thousands of men thundered up heavily fortified beaches in France during the Allies’ Operation Overlord effort to turn the tide of World War II. While the D-Day Invasion succeeded, thousands of men lost their lives. Some sank to the depths immediately, cut down as soon as they hit the roaring […]

Good friends provide support

On a shelf in the corner of my living room rests a picture frame with an old photograph: A gaggle of gangly girls posed cheerfully alongside a creek. Several squint through wire-framed glasses, a couple of smiles glitter through the wiry confines of braces and ankle socks set the scene. And everyone in the picture […]

To live and eat in Dixie

Spoonbread. It may not sound excessively appetizing, but… Who am I kidding? The concoction is not one of the South’s most obviously attractive fares. In fact, strong Dixie roots are almost a prerequisite for digestion, let alone enjoyment, of the antebellum cuisine. The starchy side proves exactly as it sounds: the gritty-textured bread that crunches […]

‘Crunchetize’ me, Chaplain!

We’ve all been there, silently cringing as our stomachs rumble loudly through Chapel Guy Mark Lewis’ list of prayer requests. Unfortunately, hunger rarely respects holiness, and on occasion, even the most reverent Chapel attendee needs a snack in order to make it until we can swipe out of Moody. But to what foods can Moody […]

Feature: Going Green

Chapel swiping, class syllabi, curfew. Every year, freshmen at ACU embark on the challenging journey of navigating a college campus for the first time. Beyond making new friends — and just making it to class — college means determining identity, who we are and how students can make a difference in issues that matter. For […]

Solitary adventure eases trip

Last weekend, I visited Washington, D.C. I rode the Metro, took a taxi and wandered Capitol Hill for one glorious morning. Meandering through Eastern Market, I paused for a pastry and coffee, observing people pampering their lapdogs to breakfast on the patio seats next to them. I lingered in Capitol Hill books, a wonderland of […]

Keep your hands to yourself – and off my French fries.

“The One with the Birth Mother,” Season 10, episode nine. Don’t be misled: This episode of “Friends” is really all about the food – a message hammered home by Joey’s impassioned yell, “Joey doesn’t share food!” as he tries to explain a date gone wrong to mystified friends. Generally, people don’t remember Joey’s character for […]

It’s Thai time!

Since moving from its hole-in-the-wall Treadaway location to 3309 S. 1st St. several years ago, Ann Thai Kitchen gained an ‘s and an a far more posh restaurant atmosphere. Visitors will appreciate its clean and sophisticated Asian décor, complete with a portrait of the Thai king gracing the establishment; yet all the while, the restaurant […]

True community fosters comfort

The 5 a.m. crowd at Anytime Fitness looks significantly different than the gym’s daytime patrons. People rarely wait on exercise equipment. They tend to avoid machines directly adjacent to those currently in use. In fact, we hardly acknowledge each other’s presence at all, short of the occasional, silent nod. I am one of those people. […]

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