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Miitomo is Miitertaining and Miiddicting

Miitomo is the first mobile app made by Japanese game developer, Nintendo, and is already a worldwide hit. After launching on March 31 worldwide, it skyrocketed to the No. 1 free app on Apple’s iTunes store and No. 2 on the top free Android apps behind Facebook Messenger. Miitomo is a social media app that […]

Mental health and anime

Why is it that many toss anime off to the side, calling it “childish” or say “it’s just a cartoon”, when many anime shows deal with heavy issues, such as mental illness and suicide? These shows portray these topics in a realistic sense, not like  many shows in america that toss it off to the […]

Why we should take advantage of the cultural awareness requirement?

Why should we care about other cultures? Simple, we live in a diverse world. We can’t run away from culture. ACU alone has over 50 nations represented on campus. Undergraduates are required to take either six hours of a foreign language or cultural awareness classes. This is a smart course to take advantage of, yet […]

College students and stress

  Suzie is having a hard time sleeping. Her brain keeps running through what she has to do the next day, making her worry if she’s gotten all of her homework done. Suzie drags herself to class and makes herself pay attention, but she zones out by accident. After Chapel, she’s in the library studying […]

Cosplaying is beautiful and important

Waking up at the crack of dawn, transforming into a fictional character, the excitement in the car ride to a convention and seeing others dressed as characters is something I enjoy. Going to conventions is fun, but what makes the experience is cosplaying. I’ve been cosplaying for almost three years. I’ve cosplayed characters from video […]

Presidential race is far from over

After March 5, news outlets were saying that the Republican race was becoming a Trump vs Cruz race. At the time, there were still two other Republican candidates. After his loss in Florida on March 15, Marco Rubio officially dropped out of the race, leaving three candidates, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich. Right […]

Women in Professional Gaming

In the 2015 North American League of Legends Challenger Series, we saw the first ever female pro gamer make it to the finals of the LCS. But because of the harassment she’s faced, she questions if she’ll stay playing in the LCS or move on. Her team went on to win the LCS 2015 Challenger […]

Video: ACU holds open forum about future plans

ACU hired the company, Ayers Saint Gross to help strategizes and coordinate future plans on campus. The company held an open forum this week in hopes of getting feedback from students and faculty. Video/editing by Kassandra Kim

Video: Christian Village to be remodeled as sophomore housing

The university has been working to remodel Christian Village senior citizen living center as sophomore housing for the Fall 2016 semester.

Gas prices go easy on student wallets

The average gas price in Texas is $1.86 while the surrounding ACU area is on average $1.79. This time last year, gas was at $2.61. With gas being at a low price, students are able to fill up with less damage to their wallets. Jessica Winniger, sophomore digital entertainment technology major from Fort Worth, said […]

Cornerstone play explores modern themes for students

The Cornerstone play I and You focuses on modern day themes and highlights the troubles of dealing with school and falling on hard times. The play, by Lauren Gunderson, is about Caroline, a high school senior homebound by an illness. Anthony, a classmate with an English assignment on Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, visits Caroline while she’s sick. Adam Hester, […]

Adobe Creative Cloud available to all of campus

Adobe Creative Cloud is now available for all students, faculty and staff to download on their personal computers. All adobe products, such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro and InDesign, are available for free download and use on the personal computers of all students, faculty and staff. Dr. Marisa Beard, director of educational technology, says all students […]

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