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Many lessons learned in four years

After four years of working for the Optimist and sleeping through classes, and it is time for me to write my last Optimist column and graduate. ACU has been good to me. I’ve learned a lot in classes and even more working for the Optimist. Faculty members have let me barge into their offices with […]

ACU should adopt tablet textbooks

Team 55 mistakenly sent out an email saying the university was considering adopting a policy requiring all students to have an iPad by 2013. And as long as the Mobile Learning Initiative team follows through on the idea, we think this would be a change that benefits students and the future of the university. There […]

Tornadoes touch down in DFW area

A series of tornadoes ripped through the Dallas/Fort Worth area Tuesday afternoon, leaving a wind damage and debris in their wake. The Storm Prediction Center received 12 reports of tornadoes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area Tuesday. CNN meteorologists predict two or three tornadoes touched down multiple times in the area and they were EF-1 or […]

Craziness is a gateway to greatness

The story behind greatness is rarely as glamorous as the one we assign. A painting that stops people in their tracks, a piece of music that survives centuries after it was written or technological breakthrough that changes the daily life of millions is not always accompanied by a tale of charm or fascination. Many times […]

Victims file against manufacturer, dealer

A professor and his wife injured in the Nov. 4 bus accident have filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the bus that carried them and 14 other students and faculty members. Emmett Miller, assistant professor of agriculture and environmental sciences, and his wife, Pat Miller, filed suit against the bus manufacturers, Thor Industries Inc. […]

Academy Awards leave room for improvement

The Oscars always come as a welcome illusion. Once a year, biggest names in Hollywood dress up and pass out awards to the people a bunch of old white men deem appropriate. It isn’t exactly a vital part of our culture, and the best films don’t always end up with awards; but it is fun. […]

Sing Song 2012 Winners

Sing Song 2012 Winners Overall Winners: Men’s Division: 1. Gamma Sigma Phi 2. Trojans 3. Galaxy Women’s Division: 1. Alpha Kai Omega 2. Sigma Theta Chi 3. Ko Jo Kai Mixed Division: 1. Junior class 2. Freshman class 3. Sophomore class Originality Men’s Division: 1. Gamma Sigma Phi 2. Galaxy 3. Trojans Women’s Division: 1. […]

An American hero, or lack thereof

America is getting boring. All we talk about is the national debt, unemployment and a shortage of good presidential candidates. The whole nation is my grandparents. But it doesn’t have to be this way. All we need is a promise and some scientists. It worked in the 60s. The remedy to this national funk is […]

President’s Circle to feature student performance

The annual President’s Circle dinner will take place Saturday in the Teague Special Events Center. President’s Circle Level donors are invited to enjoy a meal and a series of musical and theatrical performances by students. “It’s an evening of celebration,” said Phil Boone, vice president of advancement. “Our hope is that by the time guests […]

University’s SACS accreditation reaffirmed

The university’s efforts over the past several years to satisfy its regional accrediting body have succeeded. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools notified the university late last semester that its accreditation with the organization has been reaffirmed. What’s more, the reaffirmation comes with no required monitoring or probationary period, said Dr. Nancy Shankle, chair […]

Miller moved to Hendrick Hospice Care

UPDATE: Pat Miller woke from the coma Saturday evening. Emmett Miller posted on Facebook at 9:30 that she was responsive and asking about people. “Still not sure what has happened,” he wrote. “Keep praying.” — Pat Miller, who was involved in the Nov. 4 bus accident, has been transferred to Hendrick Hospice in Abilene from […]

Sculpturing Success: Hallmark wins regional award

Morgan Hallmark, senior art major from Garland, worked mostly in 2D mediums until she signed up for her first sculpture class because her boyfriend was in the class. One year later, she has fallen in love with working with the third dimension and is winning regional awards for her work. The art department at the […]

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