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Powering Up: ACCCE Interview (Part 1)

As the summer starts to wind down you may still be recovering from air conditioning bills, only to be welcomed by winter and looming heating bills. Energy use and generation continue to be major issues when faced with increasing consumption. Today you are invited to join us for a series of stories that looks at […]

Safety City Firehouse

Recenty, KACU reported on the groundbreaking ceremony conducted at Safety City, the ceremony marked the first step in the construction of the new police station. We also mentioned the fire station on the campus where students can experience what happens when a house catches fire. Now, the flames aren’t real, but as KACU’s Joshua Jones […]

Safety City Groundbreaking

Yesterday marked the latest step for the Melvin-Martin Center for Children’s Safety, also known as Safety City. Police Chief Stan Standridge along with Mayor Norm Archibald and members of the City Council held a groundbreaking ceremony for the new police station. Safety City is a child-size town complete with tiny buildings, streets and even functional […]

Tenaska plans open house

Officials with Tenaska Energy, which is seeking to build a coal-fired power plant near Sweetwater, plan to conduct an open house during which the company will provide residents of Sweetwater and surrounding areas with information about the Trail Blazer Energy Center, the company said Monday. The open house will cover such topics as employment, air […]

Tenaska drops bid for Abilene water

After Abilene Mayor Norm Archibald and a few City Council members said they would not support Tenaska’s request for Abilene water for its proposed coal energy plant, company officials say water rights won’t keep them from their goal. Joshua Jones reports. KACU News Airtime: 1:08 Reporter: Joshua Jones Play/mp3/1:08

Residents voice concern over Tenaska plant

A public forum took place in May to allow residents to hear both sides of the Tenaska proposed plant. Members of the Abilene City Council were present to hear both sides discuss their concerns. However, there were no Tenaska representatives present, which created more of a platform for those rallying against the proposed coal-fired energy […]

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