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Marching for the Dream

Forty-four years after the assassination of a civil rights icon, residents in Abilene residents march in a city where he never stepped foot to remember his legacy. Nearly two hundred people gathered Monday, the national holiday in his honor, at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Bridge on East Highway 80 to march and sing songs in […]

SA talks Chapel, basketball, office hours

“Good morning and welcome to Chapel,” jokingly began the unlikely visitor and guest speaker during Wednesday’s Students’ Association meeting. Congress reconvened after the Thanksgiving holiday to meet with Mark Lewis, the assistant dean of spiritual life and chapel programs, and to discuss office hours, the Christmas Basketball Slam and the congress member of the month. […]

JMC Network Newscast December 1, 2011

This week on the JMC Network Newscast we take a look at Chalk It Up, Open Mic Night and the Chinese Students Scholar Association Fashion Show. Hosted by Farron Salley

Speaking the language of a Disney generation

Growing up, I thought the kids that could watch rated R movies in elementary school were savages, barely even human. Now, I just feel sorry for them, because they can’t relate with the songs and one-liners we all know best. But it wasn’t until I was humming a song and a friend shouted out “we […]

ACU student hit by car and hospitalized

An ACU student was hit by a car Friday while crossing Judge Ely Boulevard. The female student, who’s name has not yet been released, attempted to cross the street in front of Taylor Elementary School. The outside lanes yielded to the pedestrians but the inside lane did not. Police officers said that the cars had […]

Video: Students and faculty react to fatal accident

The fatal bus accident Friday deeply impacted the ACU community. Students and faculty speak out about how they learned of the crash, how the campus handles grief and how the incident helped them to bond as a family. Reporting and editing by Farron Salley.

Video: ACU bus wrecks while traveling to service project

An ACU bus carrying twelve students, 3 faculty and a spouse was in an accident traveling to Medina Children’s Home for an annual service project. Many were treated for injuries at varying hospitals and one student, sophomore Anabel Reid was killed in the crash. Reporting/editing by Farron Salley

SA to build community to close semester

The Students’ Association Congress unveiled plans for final arrangements for Christmas lights on campus, a “Christmas Slam” event and a new award at Wednesday’s meeting. “We’re bringing the ACU community together,” said executive vice-president Julianne Hart, senior political science major from Austin. The resolution to fund up to $3,000 for Christmas lights on campus passed […]

JMC Network Newscast November 3, 2011

This week on the JMC Network Newscast we take a look at the Shinnery Review workshop, the Frater Sodalis Haunted House and Sadie Hawkins week. Hosted by Farron Salley and David Singer

Mayberry meets the 21st century

A month ago I had an unpleasant run-in with a CityLink bus. Thanks to a misunderstanding concerning the ticket, I showed up in court a day away from being a wanted criminal. Going to court seemed like a fun activity for someone minoring in political science and finds the judicial process appealing on a general […]

SA members fail to fulfill first round duties

The Students’ Association spent time bonding on Wednesday while over three-fourths of the congressional body hasn’t met the required office hours and two members have already resigned. The Williams Performing Arts Center no longer has a representative in congress and students living off campus are down one representative. SA executive president Connor Best, senior political […]

JMC Network Newscast October 26, 2011

This week on the JMC Network Newscast we take a look at this week’s Chapel forums, Grad School Awareness week and backstage footage of the Homecoming musical, The King and I. Hosted by Farron Salley and David Singer

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