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Women and Selective Service ignores modern military

All military positions, including combat positions, are now open to women, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was repealed and last February the Army eased administrative action against transgender troops. These developments are part of a trend in military policy to increase social equity in the U.S. armed forces. However, despite progressive notions of equality, women should […]

Class Column: Primary madness

[DON’T START A SENTENCE WITH A NUMERAL IF YOU CAN AVOID IT — IT HAS TO BE SPELLED OUT] Two hundred forty-eight days. That’s how long until Election Day 2016. In 248 days the madness of the 2016 elections will conclude, marking the end of what will be one of our most bizarre elections yet. For better […]

Flint crisis hinged on societal fears of active government

[SUGGESTION: AN EDITOR’S NOTE RECOGNIZING THAT ELIJAH LIVED IN THE FLINT AREA FOR 6 YEARS AS A CHILD] It is easy to blame someone or something for the Flint water crisis; the EPA, the tight fingers of state Republicans and the Governor, or the weaknesses of local responses. But the root causes of the Flint […]

Bernie Sanders campaign captures the promise of youth

Eighty-four percent of Iowan democrats under the age of 30 just voted for a gruff grandfatherly socialist from New Hampshire. The unpolished aura of the self-proclaimed democratic socialist captivates our youngest voting bloc, 18-24 year olds, and inspires millennials across the nation to “Feel the Bern.” Sanders’ unexpected dash to the top of the Democratic race sparked political tempers in both parties […]

Should you vote?

The primaries are weeks away and the application deadline for an absentee ballot is Monday. Voting is upon us and controversial candidates abound. And once again, the majority of the nation’s voters are uninformed. Research indicates that although most voters mean well, they are politically incompetent. This does not mean that the voting bloc is […]

Think for yourself about campus carry

Guns, the 2nd Amendment, the NRA and other firearm related things are a huge deal in Texas. Before I moved to Texas I had no idea -Texas  culture is hard for someone from the North to understand. Today, campus carry is the hot topic in Texas. Over the past 4 months I’ve delved into the […]

University opts out of campus carry legislation

Dr. Phil Schubert, president of the university, and the Senior Leadership Team decided to opt out of campus concealed carry during the Christmas break. Last year, the Texas Legislature passed a law that allows license holders to carry their handguns concealed onto university campuses and into campus buildings. The new law goes into effect on Aug. 1, but it allows private institutions […]

Can Trump evolve beyond social Darwinism?

During the 2012 elections, several editorials and academic papers declared a rebirth of social Darwinism in candidates’ platforms. Today, I believe specific candidates have built on that rebirth and utilized a brand of neo-social Darwinism as their platform. Donald Trump stands out as the chief social Darwinist of the 2016 elections. But first, some background […]

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I don’t always know but that’s OK

“I don’t know.” If you’ve ever had the dubious honor of taking a class with me, you would know that when called on by the professor, “I don’t know” is my favorite response. “I don’t know” is one of my favorite things to say. In class, if I don’t know the answer to the question, I don’t […]

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