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Conversations need to be started about LGBT students

The Board of Trustees has released a framework for a task force created by the university administration intended to help it in the process of evaluating the university’ sexual stewardship code. The reevaluations come as a reaction to the Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court case of July 2015 that federally required each state to recognize same-sex […]

University is right to focus on retention, but will central advising help?

The university is making plans to centralize its advising system that will take advisers out of various departments and colleges and put them in a single location. Advisers will be housed under enrollment and marketing beginning in August. University officials say it will allow advisors to take advantage of new software called Degree Works to […]

ACU Athletics lacks transparency needed for Div. I reputation

A lot of students, faculty and alumni had an opinion when they found out head track and field and cross country coach Keith Barnier was relieved of duties and would not return after three years with the university. Some thought it was a justified move. Others thought it was madness. Based on our responsibility as media to […]

Panama Papers illuminate international issue

Just days ago, a massive leak of documents, titled the Panama Papers, exposed the way the world’s richest utilize tax havens to hide their money and evade taxes. The leak was the largest in history, consisting of 11.5 million documents from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. The 2,600 gigabytes of files detail how Mossack […]

Apple is right to deny FBI demand

The ongoing fight between the government and technological companies has blown up with the recent FBI demand that Apple create a software to hack into a dead criminal’s iPhone. Apple denied the command and made the right decision in doing so. The repercussions could be too big if they help the FBI crack the phone’s […]

The three sides of Sing Song

It’s here. It happens every year, and yet it’ll always catch you off guard. It’s Sing Song. And as the week rapidly approaches on the calendar, three categories of people start to emerge from the sea of students: the traditionals, the newbies and the wary. To start, the traditional students are well-versed in the event. Their parents […]

Iowa Caucus inconsistent in deciding final nominees

The Iowa Caucus’ two winners emerged Monday, but we are still no closer to finding a nomination for either party. Ted Cruz managed to upset Donald Trump on the Republican side. Cruz grabbed 27.6 percent of the vote and eight delegates, beating Trump’s 24.3 percent and seven delegates. Hillary Clinton barely edged Bernie Sanders on the Democratic […]

Netflix Negativity

Netflix, the patriarch of the binge-watching generation, is now available in nearly every country on Earth and has firmly entrenched itself in the social strata of the modern age. In other words, Netflix is here to stay, which most pundits argue signals the downfall of network television. But it also means that binge-watching is here […]

Mizzou protests set precedent in conversations

Recent weeks have seen a chancellor, university president, faculty members and numerous faculty members resign in the face of student protests and backlash against campus racism and insensitivity. At the University of Missouri, President Tim Wolfe resigned after students protested his poor handling of several recent racial incidents including swastikas and racial epithets launched at […]

We have a bone to pick with carcinogenic beef

Chances are you’ve heard the International Agency for Research on Cancer, a branch of the World Health Organization, has ranked red meat among the list of deadly carcinogens. Through research conducted in 10 countries by 22 experts who studied more than 800 cases of cancer, based on “limited evidence that the consumption of red meat […]

Why we report on felony charges of students

On Monday evening, the Optimist editors chose to run a story reporting the arrest of a student. The student was charged with evading arrest or detainment with a vehicle. He was not convicted of anything, only charged under the Texas criminal statute. The story received an overwhelming amount of feedback from students, much of it questioning the […]

Editorial: Campus carry debate needs new angle

The United States witnessed more fatal shootings of preschoolers (82) than fatal shootings of police officers (27) in the line of duty, according to figures for 2013 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the FBI. Despite horrifying statistics like this, America has demonstrated a gross incapability on national and state levels to […]

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