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The opposite of loneliness

I stole this title from the brilliant Marina Keegan, a 2012 graduate from Yale. She planned to work at The New Yorker when she left school. Then, she died in a car accident five days after her graduation ceremony. In part, my words are written to honor her, to say thank you for the best […]

Stepping off the stage and into the job market

As a graduating senior, I’ve heard the dreaded question “what are you going to do after graduation?” about 100 times. As an English major, people always assume I want to teach. But, what I really want to do is write. While graduate school is forefront in my mind, the professional world isn’t far behind. As […]

Letter to the editor: Indictment hurts student’s image

Hello, my name is Heather and I am writing in response to the “Grand jury indicts former student” article. I read the Editorial Board’s, “Why we report on indictments of students” article and all of the points could have been directly addressed without disclosing the student’s name in the first article. I understand that points 1 […]

Graduating senior says names matter

Often when people talk about what makes ACU such a special place, they talk about the people they encounter. I am grateful for my education from ACU, but the greatest part of my ACU experience has been the lives that have become a part of my story. I am sure all of us can picture […]

The Wildcatitudes

In preparing for the end of the semester and all that entails, I thought a blessing would only be fitting. Study in peace. Blessed are those without Netflix subscriptions, for they will have time to inherit the earth. Blessed are the remaining Chapel goers, for they will see God. Let’s be honest, at this point […]

Citizens didn’t show up at the polls

Our nation was founded on the idea that the government can not and should not be run by one man with whom lies all ultimate power, but rather by its citizens, who will confidently and intelligently decide for themselves what is in the best interest of the country as a whole. It is on election […]

Republicans won, but party is still splintered

I feel compelled to apologize. But before I do, I should explain. I’m from Abilene. I was born here, raised here, and in all likelihood, I’m going to die here. This thought obviously produces some mixed feelings, but in some ways, it’s a relief. Abilene forms the southern base of the Texas 19th, otherwise known […]

Portland homeless community defies traditional expectations

It was the doors. I first saw them when I went to Chinatown. Drawn toward the entrance, an entrance that begged for questions. ?With the adjoining fence made of hand-painted doors connected in a line.? I bought the traveller some food, and with that, I walked across the street towards the ornately carved red entryway […]

Letter: Reminder to save water

By Cheyenne Barry, freshman accounting major from Henrietta, Tommy Lininger, sophomore criminal justice major from Sacramento, Calif. and Danqing Zhu, freshman international studies major from Fauzhou, China. We would like to send out a friendly reminder to all ACU faculty and students to conserve as much water as possible. The water supply here in Abilene […]

From the desk of the president: SA leadership is a lifestyle

By Dylan Benac, SA president For 90 years, the Students’ Association has been advocating and representing the student body here on the ACU campus. For two of those 90 years, I have had the pleasure to serve in a roll high up in the executive cabinet. In my time as vice president and as president […]

The ACU Difference is the people

By Dylan Benac, senior political science major from Boerne and Students’ Association president Our first week is nearing its end, and we are beginning to get back in to the swing of what it looks like to thrive or survive this thing we call college. There is a phrase thrown around on our campus that […]

Emery: Son encouraged by Chapel audience

Wednesday morning, Abilene Christian Elementary Students performed their Christmas program during Chapel. My son had a solo part. He got flustered and had to start his song over. The ACU students in attendance cheered for him and encouraged him before he restarted and after he finished. That really meant a lot to him and he […]

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