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The age of disappointing acting and movies

The Age of Adaline was more of a stylistic film of fashion and promise of history than it was a film for the purpose of telling an interesting story. Somewhere, somehow a cross between The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Time Traveler’s Wife, and About Time came out of Hollywood with a gorgeous cast, but […]

Woman in Gold deserves five gold stars

Woman in Gold is a marvelous and perfectly artistic approach at depicting a famous art restitution case from the Nazi invasion in Austria. The film is not without inherent faults of bias and the occasional cringe-worthy line, but as a whole, the movie flows like an ornately crafted chronological court case with just the right […]

Not the shaky camcorder video you expected

Many editorials and columns have been written on the subject of ISIS, both at the Optimist and in various other publications. Though I have known about the Islamic State for quite some time, it’s been through word of mouth and social media posts. Earlier this week, as I was reading the news in the morning, […]

Social media connects alumni to students in art department

Six students have won first place in various sessions of the semester-long ACU A&D Instagram Competition facilitated by the Department of Art and Design. The competition serves as a way to connect current art students with alumni. Every two weeks, a department alumnus judges the miniature competitions. Six winners have been named so far: Anne-Marie Coffee, senior […]

Local craft fair focuses on artists of all kinds

A local Abilene promotion company will host the annual Spring Craft Fair to promote and celebrate local artists and businesses. Head of the event, Jen Harmel, is an ACU graduate who previously participated in student-led craft fairs and established JamFest. “When you graduate college here in Abilene, there’s not a lot of opportunities where that […]

Local boutique utilizes students for trend fashion show

The third annual Betty & June trend show and late night shopping event is Saturday at the downtown event center, The Majestic. The trend show is the biggest event of the year for the local boutique. This year, the event will incorporate local businesses and students to display new clothing. Owner of Betty & June […]

Hammocking day a prototype marketing campaign

The campus-wide hammock day last Monday began as a project in an introductory marketing course. The hammocking event was not a simple push for people to go outside and hammock but was a classroom group effort to discover a correlation between Chaco owners and Eno hammock owners. Students were invited through social media accounts on Twitter […]

Ruining lives, hopes and dreams one student at a time

April is the worst month of the year, if you’re in still in school. Coming back to school in August is far less excruciating to deal with than the month of April. The light is not at the end of the tunnel in August. The freedom of summertime and barefoot adventures does not await you […]

Marketing evaluates future of LOTH project

The future of Life on the Hill remains tentative because the original marketing proposal only existed for the Fall 2014 semester. Amanda Pittman, enrollment marketing manager, has served as an adviser for the project and cast members. “We knew it was an experiment going into it,” Pittman said. “We weren’t sure if it would even […]

Spotlight: Art Student Chera Chaney

Arts reporter Catherine Blakemore interviews ACU art student Chera Chaney about her upcoming internship at Fossil, and her life as an artist and a graphic design Major. Video/Editing by Joshua Cook

Electropop trio releases chart topping EP

British-Australian trio Years & Years released their latest EP Y & Y EP Feb. 3 as their first full EP under Polydor Records. The EP features four songs, Desire, Take Shelter, King and Memo. The 14-minute album feels beautifully longer in the way it transports feeling. If there is one EP that makes you simultaneously want […]

Transhumanist presidential candidate speaks to BCOR

Two sections of BCOR 310, God and the Good Life, heard from guest speaker Zoltan Istvan, the 2016 presidential candidate for the Transhumanist Party, the Friday before spring break. Transhumanism is the idea that human experience and capacity can be greatly enhanced by the use of technology and making those technologies widely available. It is […]

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