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The perks of being an ACU swing cat

I know that a lot of pledging and social club mayhem is commencing on campus, and as an officer of Swing Cats, I can’t help but compare my swing dancing community to the social club circles. As an active member of the ACU Swing Cats and as an observer of social clubs, I think swing […]

Movie Review: Nightcrawler

Dan Gilroy’s Nightcrawler is a compelling suspense rollercoaster, but it is not for the lighthearted moviegoer. The film combines car chases and crime scenes with moral questions like, “Where does the media cross the line in crime journalism?” With these two factors in mind, Nightcrawler will keep you thinking after you leave the theater. The […]

Reality arrives with newfound adulthood

Buying a house is one of the most adult-like things I could possibly do on my list (It’s just underneath getting married and doing my taxes properly). Just a few days ago, my friends and I finally signed the lease for our house. What exciting times! Well… poop. Now I have real responsibilities. My days […]

Ready Player One: Gamer dystopia meets ’80s nostalgia

The novel Ready Player One takes place in the near future where the majority of the world has ignored global issues (global warming, food shortage and so on) and instead spends time on a gigantic, elaborate virtual reality game called the OASIS. The billionaire founder of the game dies, leaving his entire fortune to whomever can […]

Wildcats need to reign it in

A week or two ago, I had spare time on my hands (I know, right?). With this time, I decided to go support our women’s basketball team for one of their games. I took a seat among the largest group of ACU fans just behind the backboard. A LYNAY scholarship group was there for some […]

Long live Legos

A few minutes before I started writing this column, my friend Branson came up to my desk to deliver a delightful piece of nostalgia. Who here has played with Legos, specifically Bionicles? Lego recently came out with a new line of Bionicles, and my friend gave me the honor of building one of them (claps hands excitedly). […]

Daily Doodle Dosage

Scientists attempt to harness energy from college students. Daily Doodle Dosage by Ben Todd

Editorial Cartoon: Break the Internet NASA

NASA hopes to generate public interest in their missions. Daily Doodle Dosage by Ben Todd

I’m discovering where the maker meets the lab

This semester has been full of new experiences for me. Even as a sophomore, there are still so many things to experience here on our campus. There is one experience in particular that I have grown fond of – the Maker Lab. The Maker Lab piqued my curiosity when my professor recommended me to use […]

Editorial Cartoon: Chapel Credits

Chapel offers one last chance for students to get all their Chapel Credits. Daily Doodle Dosage by Ben Todd

Editorial Cartoon: Need more sequels

Hollywood has gotten carried away with sequels. Daily Doodle Dosage by Ben Todd

Editorial Cartoon: Is your refrigerator running

Fridge decides to run for office. Daily Doodle Dosage by Ben Todd

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