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Sing Song tradition key part of who we are at ACU

If anyone were to walk on campus this week, they’d most likely leave covered in glitter. If they stood still long enough, they might end up with rosy red circles and exaggerated painted eyelashes on their face. Slap a bow on their head, and they are ready to roll. If said hypothetical individual has never encountered […]

60th Sing Song presents a night ‘On the Town’

Students will take to stage this weekend for the university’s 60th Sing Song, On The Town. Clubs and classes have created a dazzling array of upstage acts connected to the overall theme, with everything from taxi cab drivers to Hobbits to dads. The hosts and hostesses delight the crowd with their dynamic variety of town-related […]

University to expand dual credit offerings

The university is making progress toward expanding dual credit offerings for high school students around the state. While dual credit at ACU isn’t an entirely new operation, the expanded offerings, set to begin next fall, will open up opportunities for partnerships with Christian high schools and prospective students. All existing dual credit offerings for local […]

Odyssey readers should supplement news diet with traditional sources

A group of students on campus recently launched ACU’s branch of the Odyssey Online. For those who are not friends with the millenials who share these posts on Facebook, the Odyssey is an online platform for writers to share thoughts and ideas about what matters to them. Students from all backgrounds across ACU’s campus are […]

On grief and breathing

There are moments sometimes in life that knock the breath out of us, moments when you wake up with a Facebook notification that makes you cry. Today, Hudson Wade, 11-year-old son of Kirk and Laura Wade, died after a four-month battle with leukemia. Hudson was diagnosed with leukemia in September and since that day, family and friends have […]

Candidates to gather on campus for Thursday forum

Candidates running for local, state and federal offices will gather Thursday in a forum to discuss issues in the upcoming primary election. The forum, put on by the Taylor County Republican Party, will have 30 candidates on stage at the Hunter Welcome Center. Dr. Neal Coates, professor of political science, said the forum is a good […]

Can someone tell me why I started watching the Bachelor

So I’m new to this whole “Bachelor” scene. There. I said it. I can now be classified among the millions of women in America who can’t seem to stop watching Ben Higgins on screen. I’ve never been a Bachelor girl. Before Monday, I had watched two episodes of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season and swore on my […]

Garrett’s departure restructures leadership

With the departure of Dr. Allison Garrett, former executive vice president, three more administrators began reporting directly to Dr. Phil Schubert, president of the university, on Jan. 1. Garrett was named president of Emporia State University in the fall and began the job earlier this month, leaving a void in the upper administration. And after looking at […]

‘Divine Collision’: Alumnus tells story on page and screen

If you had told Jim Gash at the start of his legal career that he’d end up representing a wrongly imprisoned teenager in Ugandan High Court, he probably wouldn’t have believed you. In the last five years, Gash has traveled to Uganda 17 times, has planed a role in reforming the country’s criminal justice system, has written […]

Highland partners with CitySquare on Abilene homeless initiative

Highland Church of Christ has partnered with Dallas-based non-profit CitySquare in an effort to combat the problem of homelessness in Abilene. The church raised $600,000 as a part of its Called Campaign, and a portion of those funds will be put toward the goal of ending homelessness in Abilene. The project centers on a housing-first model, which tackles homelessness […]

#prayforparis: How we mourn in a digital age

One week after one of the world’s major cities was torn through by bullets and bombs, citizens of social media are in the midsts of discussions on foreign policy issues, immigration, refugee crises, profile pictures, hashtags, religion and mourning. If there’s a fight to be picked, you’ve probably seen it. A blog post, an opinion […]

Students react to attacks in Paris

Events continuing to unfold across the Atlantic are affecting some students on ACU’s campuses. Early this afternoon, several attacks took place in Paris on multiple targets, apparently leaving dozens of people dead and an estimated 100 held hostage. France has declared a state of emergency, and President François Hollande has closed France’s borders and mobilized its military. […]

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