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New COBA dean outlines goals, leadership style

By Haley Remenar
Posted on July 8, 2016 | News | Comments Off on New COBA dean outlines goals, leadership style
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The College of Business Administration’s new dean brings analytical leadership and development goals to the position.

Dr. Brad Crisp, former director of the School of Information Technology and Computing, took his position as the new dean of COBA May 9. He served as the interim dean since January when Dr. Rick Lytle stepped down. A search committee chaired invited applicants for the position both nationally and internally and Dr. Robert Rhodes, provost of the university, announced to faculty that Crisp was chosen May 5.

“He is committed to supporting faculty and to preparing students well through his continued commitment to academic excellence and his sharp focus on intentional Christian spiritual formation,” said Rhodes in an email to faculty.

Crisp graduated from COBA in 1993 and earned his MBA and Ph.D. at the University of Texas in Austin. He worked in a public accounting firm before becoming a professor at ACU. Under his leadership, the SITC was accredited and the online MBA program at ACU Dallas was created under his eye.

“We’re still working to fully support the school of IT/computing within the college of business,” Crisp said.

Although the SITC started in 2007, Crisp wants to continue expanding the school, which includes computer science, information systems, information technology, and digital entertainment technology programs. He said he also plans to continue building the online MBA program to reach a new population of students including adult and part-time learners.

“Business and technology have a pervasive influence on the world in which we live and work,” Crisp said. “As a professor and administrator, I want my students to examine how these forces shape their lives, particularly in light of their faith in God.”

While he works on these programs, Crisp says he plans to continue to focus on the ACU mission of using faith and God’s gifts to bless the world.

“It’s true to who we’ve always been,” Crisp said. “I think it is more important than ever that we nurture it and that we invest in that.”

Because of his background on the technical side of business, Crisp says he brings a more strategic, analytical approach to leadership. At the same time, he said one of his strengths involves being relational. He said he listens to people well and these qualities affect his leadership style.

“My goal is to prepare students to make choices about business, technology, and faith that will enable them to lead and serve throughout the world,” Crisp said.

Dr. Rick Lytle stepped down in December but will continue to serve as the director of the Lytle Center for Leadership and Faith Development. He also serves as the CEO of CEO Forum Inc., a Colorado-based company.

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