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Annie retires from omelet station

By Haley Remenar
Posted on May 5, 2016 | News | Comments Off on Annie retires from omelet station
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Annie Capers left behind her pan, assorted vegetables and devoted omelet-lovers when she retired from the World Famous Bean three weeks ago.

Though she made hundreds of cheese-covered egg creations each day, Annie often remembered individual students’ usual orders. She called students “baby” and was quick with the words “love you.”

“She was tired,” said Darryl Karp, food service director of ACU Dining Services. “She was worn out. She was just ready to retire. She felt it was best for her to do that.”

Karp said Annie returned to her home in the Philippines and he doesn’t know if she has plans to come back to Abilene.

Victoria Mendoza, freshman psychology major from Grand Praire did not go a day without eating one of Annie’s omelets.

“She just would bless you with this piece of food,” Mendoza said. “It would really just bring you joy.”

Mendoza said she misses the way Annie cooked omelets with just the right amount of cheese and meat.

“Annie was an amazing omelet maker,” Mendoza said. “The experience was great and without it, it’s kind of sad.”

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