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The Contemporary Music Center hosting a concert at ACU

By Erika Bolado
Posted on March 31, 2016 | News | 1 comment

The Contemporary Music Center from Tennessee will play a free concert for students at Chapel on the Hill on April 6, with 10 different musicians performing an array of genres.

CMC is a one semester program located in Nashville, Tennessee. It consists of only 30 students from various Christian college around the U.S. who are interested in pursuing a career in the music industry. The program offers three tracks: artist, business and tech.

At the end of the semester, the CMC students go on tour strictly on Christian college campuses to get real world experience. This year, three tours take place in Texas at ACU, Midwestern State University, Baylor University and one in Oral Roberts University at Oklahoma.

Miranda Lenar, a senior from Indiana Wesleyan University, is studying the business track at CMC. Lenar works on the marketing team and said putting on a show every week is a lot of pressure for everyone.

“It’s been great and I think my favorite part about it is that I’ve got to try so many different things,” Lenar said. “The biggest thing is that I’ve stretched my skills set and I’ve been able to explore new things, but I may or may not do it again in the future, but I at least got to try them.”

The CMC requires students to do concerts every year around the country as a grade. This year will be the first time CMC comes to Texas. Free prizes and merchandise will be given to students who attend the concert.

“We really want to meet with people at the show and talk to them about music,” Lenar said. “If people are interested in the program we would be happy to answer questions.”

Jake Rosser, a junior multimedia major from Abilene, will have the opportunity to play a few songs after the concert.

“I have done events like this before all around Abilene and I have also led worship at a lot of churches in town,” Rosser said.

Students might have seen Rosser play at Jamfest 2015, Abilene City Limits and during Chapel.

“I think Chapel on the Hill is an interesting place to throw a concert, and it’ll be interesting to see how CMC sets up and everything, but I’ve done quite a few things in there more acoustic and that’s what I plan on doing again with my originals,” Rosser said. “It’ll be fun”

The concert will be held in Chapel on the Hill at 7 p.m.









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1 Response for “The Contemporary Music Center hosting a concert at ACU”

  1. avatar bcolebennett says:

    This sounds like a great program! Glad they’re coming to ACU.

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