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Students create new YouTube talk show

By Jessica Clark
Posted on March 24, 2016 | News | Comments Off on Students create new YouTube talk show

A new talk show created by three ACU students featuring comical topics, serious issues and free prizes comes to Youtube March 17.

Isaiah Tripp, sophomore multimedia major from Baltimore, Maryland, Matthew Connel, sophomore advertising and public relations major from Atlanta, Georgia, and Ashley Alfred, freshman convergence journalism major from Mansfield, developed the show.

Tripp, the show’s namesake, said the idea came about when he discussed his dream of becoming a talk show host with classmates who were ready to make the idea a reality.

“Tripp Talk became an idea and reality when my classmate Matthew Connel sent me the first Tripp Talk logo, at that point it was no turning back for me,” Tripp said. “Matthew Connel, Ashley Alfred and myself sat in a studio room later that night and came to an agreement that a show with a comedy kick to it, discussing everyday issues, topics and achievements, was the overall goal and idea of Tripp Talk.”

Connel said he was eager to work with Tripp to make the show happen.

“I jumped on board immediately, because I think that the show has real potential,” he said.

Tripp said several details go into developing the show and making sure it is the right program for his target audience. Details range from gathering equipment to scheduling and fine tuning the appropriate topic to discuss for that day’s show.

“You have to make sure your content is entertaining, true, intriguing and appropriate,” he said. “Sometimes making content that fit those categories come easy but often times you will have to go back to drawing board again and again.”

Connel also said that much preparation goes into the show.

“We have to get guests, film everything, do all the editing,” he said. “But before any of that, we have to decide what we’re going to do. Fifty percent of the meetings are just the three of us sitting around a table and thinking about what might be funny.”

Along with fun topics, guessing games and sometimes a hint of serious conversation, each show will include a free giveaway.

The first show will be on Youtube March 17 at 9 p.m. on the channel TrippTalkShow. Viewers can follow the show on Instagram and Twitter @TrippTalkShow and like TrippTalk on Facebook.

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