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How to win in the second half

By Allison Brown
Posted on March 31, 2016 | Columns,Editorials,Opinion | Comments Off on How to win in the second half

March Madness is in full swing, and no, we don’t just mean the basketball tournament.

Now that Spring Break has come and gone and Good Friday teases us again with another day off, the full fledged “we-are-ready-for-summer” longing sends us into what could only be described as a bit of madness.

As we reenter life on the hill, it’s ever so tempting to think we are at the end of the semester’s worries and that it will be smooth sailing from here til May. But in what’s left of this semester, we’ve got a lot of time left on the clock. Are we going to be the underdogs who rally in the second half of the game, or the ones lose in a last minute upset?

In order to stay in the bracket til the end, we have a few tips for surviving the rest of the year.

  1. Hydrate. Coffee, water, happy hour large diet coke from sonic. Whatever it is that keeps you awake in class every day, stay up on your intake levels. Go too long without your caffeine supply and you are basically throwing in the towel. Finals week will not be fun for you.
  2. Sleep when you can. Coming back from Spring Break can be weird for your sleep schedule. Some of you may be super jet lagged and falling asleep in your afternoon classes because you traveled too far away. Some of you got zapped by the sun on the beach and are still searching for energy wherever you can find it. Some of you slept your days away and would like to continue doing so. Class is throwing you off your groove.
  3. Curate the perfect pump-up playlist. This is the big leagues. You’re either in the bracket til the end or you’re knocked off. And unless you’ve got some seriously good jams going at all times, chances are you’re going to fall off the wagon. So log in to your Spotify, start a free trial of Apple Music, buy a record and get in the zone.
  4. In the words of Rihanna: “work, work, work, work, work.” We’ve had our half time. We get one more Friday off. And it’s game time from now until graduation. Don’t give up on the big projects or papers in hopes of stretching the spring break vibes on forever. Continuing in the vein of basketball-related analogies, teams that push through the second half and give it more effort than they did in the first are teams that win.

No matter your classification, the end of the semester means something different to each of us. Seniors are about to throw their hats and get their trophy, juniors are ready to be seniors, sophomores are tired of living in dorms, freshman can’t wait for no curfew.

Just remember, we aren’t quite there yet, but with our eyes fixed to the goal, the next 5 weeks will be over quicker than you can say “my bracket is terrible this year.”

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