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Zeta Rho adopts physical representation of club motto

By Jessica Clark
Posted on February 11, 2016 | News,Showcase | Comments Off on Zeta Rho adopts physical representation of club motto
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With the dedication of a light pole in front of the Brown Library, women’s social club Zeta Rho established a physical representation of the club motto, “friendship is our light and shall not be hidden.”

Last Friday, Zeta Rho dedicated the light pole in front of the library in time for spring pledging. Adelaide Rich, senior speech pathology major from Boerne, had the idea a year ago.

“I got the idea to adopt the light post because I thought it would be a great way to honor our past club members, but I didn’t know how,” Rich said. “So homecoming in October 2014 I got the idea that we should adopt light post since friendship is our light. I thought it would be a unique way to have something on campus that was ours. Currently it is dedicated to the pledge classes from the recharter group to the last pledge class in spring of 2015.”

Though the light pole dedication was retrospective, honoring past pledge classes, Zeta Rho plans to use it for the current spring pledging process. Stella Wieser, sophomore education major from Fredericksburg, is currently pledging Zeta Rho.

“This is where we will meet for after Chapel meetings, and whenever a pledge member passes the light post, we stop and recite the club motto, “Friendship is our light; it shall not be hidden,” Wieser said.

Rich said Zeta Rho plans to use the light pole as part of their legacy in the future.

“This will change our legacy in the sense that each pledge class will leave their legacy by adopting a post,” Rich said. “We are hoping to create a light path that goes from the front of the library and wrap around the campus center to the front of the light tower. I look forward to coming back in future years to show my kids and take pictures with my pledge class there. I hope that for the future pledge classes that they will do this too. I also think that as we create a path this will truly show what our motto states. Friendship is our light and we want to show that to everyone and our future sisters as well.”

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