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Wildcats for life sponsor pro-life forum

By Tori Aldana
Posted on February 26, 2016 | News | Comments Off on Wildcats for life sponsor pro-life forum

Wildcats for Life, a pro-life organization on campus, sponsored a movie screening on Feb. 23 that also granted students one spiritual formation credit and free pizza was provided.

The documentary, 3801 Lancaster: American Tragedy, told the story of Dr. Kermit Gosnell who performed late-term abortions. After the screening, there was time reserved for discussion and reflection of the film.

Wildcats for Life decided to show the movie after receiving it from Students for Life, the national organization dedicated to help students advocate pro-life change on their campuses.

“They provide a lot of support and advice on how to spread the word on our mission, to educate students about abortion and to advocate for change,” Gabby Ramos-Mata, Wildcats for Life vice president, said.

President Tori Wilson said that she decided to show the movie because it allows people to realize the club is on campus and share the mission behind what they do.

“The documentary was a very real way to show people what abortions are really like, and gave great information to the viewers,” Wilson said. The movie was not one-sided and provided viewers both sides of the abortion issue.

“Nobody wants to talk about abortion, therefore, it continues to happen,” Ramos-Mata said. “Our group is starting small. We believe that just by bringing the issue up, we can already inspire more thought on the issue, which will ultimately encourage people to ask more questions, which will give us the opportunity to help better inform them, and destroy the lies they’ve been fed about abortion.”

Besides putting information in the hands of students, Wildcats for Life also wanted to draw in others who may not normally come to meetings.

“We used the incentive of free pizza and chapel credit to bring in a new crowd,” Ramos-Mata said. “Even if they never come to our meetings, just by seeing the film we showed, it is our goal and genuine hope that they left that room with a different understanding, or a more detailed understanding regarding the horrors of abortion.”

Wildcats for Life meets every Thursday at 5 p.m. in the Campus Center Basement. Students who would like to get more information may attend or stop by their table in the campus center, which is set up once a month. Wildcats for Life also organizes a fundraiser each semester.

They will be sponsoring another chapel forum for all students, called Putting Equality Back in Healthcare, March 2 at 7 p.m. in Cullen Auditorium.

“The speaker, Cynthia Wenz, is the CEO of The Source for Women,” Wilson said. “She will speak about her conversion story from a young woman in crisis, to her present ability to empathize with women, preach the gospel of life to them, and find them real healthcare solutions.”

Students may email to be added to a weekly email list that will give more information and details about upcoming events. They may also search ACU Wildcats for Life on Facebook and Instagram.

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