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The Netflix Fix: World of Tomorrow

By Mercedez Hernandez
Posted on February 26, 2016 | Arts & Culture | Comments Off on The Netflix Fix: World of Tomorrow

NR, 17 MINS.

The World of Tomorrow is an existential crisis delivered at a break-neck speed that will have you laughing every time you jump into a new dimension, and in this short film that’s practically every minute.

This colorful and abstract short is creator Don Hertzfeldt’s first digitally animated film and his first effort has not gone unrecognized. The World of Tomorrow will be competing Sunday night at the Academy Awards for best-animated short.

The film begins in a stark white room with a stick figure like little girl called Emily bouncing across the screen and giggling. A flashing screen then captures her attention and the image of a woman appears. The woman introduces herself as a clone of Emily’s and offers to take Emily Prime on a tour of the future.

As Emily’s clone shows Emily Prime what her future will be like, her quirky and matter-of-fact way of speaking will keep you laughing.

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