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New strike policy implemented for Sing Song

By Emily Guajardo
Posted on February 18, 2016 | News | Comments Off on New strike policy implemented for Sing Song

Sing Song co-chairs will institute a new, revised three-strike policy during the 60th Sing Song festivities this weekend.

After dealing with incidents involving alcoholic beverages, unnecessary shouting during acts and tampering with props, co-chairs placed stricter rules to avoid disasters.

Co-chairs can give strikes to clubs for a number of reasons, including tampering with props, having unauthorized beverages, intoxication, failing to meet student handbook standards and singing outside of unauthorized zones.

Co-chair Courtney Roberts, senior marketing major from Pearland, said the three-strike policy is a basic “three-strikes, you’re out.” Roberts also said the policy was placed to hold clubs accountable for their actions within the Sing Song process and performance.

Receiving three-strikes would result in disqualification from performing and possible termination from performing next year.

“We came up with the idea of not being able to be in Sing Song because Sing Song is a big deal,” said Roberts. “We figured that would be a stronger say behind it. Since it is getting to be such a big show, we have to run a tight show as possible.”

Expecting to see thousands of parents and alumni attend, co-chairs and directors are holding the policy to the highest standard, they said.

However, some students like Brad Mainord, sophomore business management major from San Antonio, said the policy is unnecessary. Mainord said it causes potential students to not participate in Sing Song simply because of the mistakes made in years past.

“I feel like it’s unneeded,” said Mainord. “People should already have this expectation. It just unfairly affects those who want to do it next year.”

Macie Liptoi, GATA Sing Song director, said the policy is a good way to hold all acts accountable regardless of the number of participants, club size or reputation.

“I think it sets standards higher,” said Liptoi, senior worship ministry major from Plano. “I mean, we’re a Christian university, and we want to set standards to the highest they possibly can be and this production is incredible, and we want to just keep making it incredible.”

Roberts said one of the new reinforcements is no food and only clear, disposable water bottles are allowed in the gyms to avoid misconceptions about what bottles may contain and to respect the requests of the Money Student Recreation and Wellness center.

Tom Craig, director of student activities and productions, said the policy has been tweaked over the past year to fit and reinforce the seriousness of producing a good show, even if that involves removing previous privileges.

“In years past, there have been situations where students have brought in beverages that are contrary to the student handbook,” said Craig. “We don’t want to say, ‘you can’t have a drink,’ but, at the same time, we have to take measures to bring everybody to a level of accountability that is necessary and respectful.”

Craig said the policy is not only for students to remain accountable but also for the audience to receive a good show.

“When you do something that’s fun and exciting, you still have to maintain a certain level of responsibility to keep everybody safe, to keep the process running smoothly, and to make the show the best that it can be,” Craig said.

Liptoi said the policy, including the addition of the no food or drink, makes each act accountable and keeps the playing field even across the board.

“I appreciate the three-strike policy and I appreciate all the other rules placed in Sing Song because it makes it a show and completion that is even,” said Liptoi. “People are not given an advantage just because they have superior numbers.”

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