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Campus construction continues with three primary projects

By Jessica Clark
Posted on February 18, 2016 | News | Comments Off on Campus construction continues with three primary projects

As the Vision in Action initiative continues, three primary construction projects progress across campus.

Kevin Roberts, vice president of planning and operations, oversees the construction projects.

“The Halbert-Walling [construction] is the biggest project right now,” Roberts said. “We’re right on pace for that. Being done really means ready to move in, and we’re still trying to figure out what that look likes in terms of all of the moving parts. The hope is we would be ready to teach classes in there for the spring of 2017.”

The construction at Halbert-Walling Research Center will eventually be the subsequent research center to the Onstead Science Building.

“The phase of Onstead that we’re working on right now is essentially done,” Roberts said. “As soon as we get everything moved out of Onstead and into Halbert-Walling, then we’ll turn our attention to the interior part and the refurb of the interior. From a planning perspective, we are in the middle of that right now.”

The successful progress in Onstead allows students to use the new lobby area.

“Students are congregating in that area and using that space the way we hoped they would,” Roberts said.

The second project in progress is the new residence hall, located in the former building of Christian Village, which previously housed senior citizens.

“The new residence hall is progressing great,” Roberts said. “It will certainly be ready for the fall. There is not much construction that we are going to have to do on that. The bones of the building are in fantastic shape.”

Lastly, construction on multiple athletic fields has made significant progress over the past few months.

“We’re done with the new turf at softball and baseball,” Roberts said. “Football is the big one. The groundbreaking will be Feb. 19 during Sing Song. The plans are moving along for the fall 2017 kick off.”

Jon Haarlow, assistant athletic director of internal operations, said the completion of the softball and baseball fields helps improve the look of campus.

“The fields look incredible, and when you are looking at campus from Ambler, both new playing surfaces are much more aesthetically pleasing,” Haarlow said. “You won’t find two more beautiful playing fields in the region. These are fields that campus, students and student-athletes alike can all take pride in. “

People will be able to see the construction as they come to campus for Sing Song.

“The biggest impact is safety,” Roberts said. “People are curious, and they should be. It’s interesting and fun to watch.”

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