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Letter to the editor: Men’s and Women’s Basketball, the jewel of ACU athletics?

By Optimist Reader
Posted on January 28, 2016 | Letters to the Editor,Opinion,Sports | Comments Off on Letter to the editor: Men’s and Women’s Basketball, the jewel of ACU athletics?

As a proud alumnus of our dear Christian college, I’d like to reminisce about the good ‘ole days in Moody Coliseum. I’d like to hearken back to a time when the ACU basketball programs put on a show and the stands were packed with cheering fans.

The only problem is five years ago our basketball teams couldn’t beat a drum with a metronome.

But now, fellow Wildcats, Joe Golding and Julie Goodenough have taken the two programs from the pit of despair and become, dare I say, the pride of ACU athletics?

Let’s put this all in perspective. The women’s basketball team was muddled in mediocrity when coach Goodenough swooped in. Now, the women’s team is a juggernaut.  A conference championship, a seamless transition to Div. I hoops, and a thirteen-game winning streak highlight her incredible coaching ability.

Also, Goodenough can flat out recruit. Her teams are long, athletic and skilled. The women dominate on the boards and have as many sharpshooters as a Michael Bay movie. The women’s basketball team will be a force in the Southland Conference for years to come.

Flip over to the men’s team. It has a legitimate chance to finish with a winning conference record for the first time since you young whippersnappers were still in grade school.

These guys can hoop. There are several players that can take over a game offensively. But defensively is where the true change has come.

Five years ago, James Harden played better defense than our guys in purple and white. Now, playing offense against the men’s team is like eating healthy. It takes discipline, and everybody hates to do it.

When I was a freshman at Abilene Christian, I dreamed of a day we could attend games at Moody Coliseum on a Saturday night without the allure of free chapel credits. The men’s and women’s teams have given you young-ins that luxury. Take advantage. Go to the games and cheer on your squads.

I’m going to level with you. I get the appeal of going to Slim’s or Guitars after a long week of mandatory attendance to chapel and class. I really do. But for goodness sake, nothing beats the good clean family fun of cheering for your school and shamelessly booing the enemy. Let’s show some school spirit. Purple, white, purple, white fight fight fight!

In all seriousness students, four (or five) years at ACU goes faster than you think. Don’t miss a chance to embrace the wonderful community feel ACU has. Get involved, branch out, and please, go to a basketball game. Go ‘Cats.


Matthew Sloan, class of 2015, former JMC Network Sports Director

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