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Tennis gets ready to hit regionals

By Max Preston
Posted on October 23, 2015 | Sports | Comments Off on Tennis gets ready to hit regionals

The ACU men and women’ tennis teams are getting ready to head to the exciting Texas ITA regionals for the weekend. The men will take a trip down to Houston and play at Rice while the women will be at Texas A&M in College Station.

The men will obviously take the whole team down to Houston to participate. The team is coming off of many successful tournaments against talented schools, so playing up to the challenging competition they will face should be no problem. The men will begin play on Saturday and will continue all the way until Tuesday.

“This is a big tournament because of the schools we compete against, TCU, UT, Baylor, Texas Tech etc.” Said senior Marco Bensley. “It gives us a chance to see where we stand with the best of the best and it normally is surprising how close we are to them. The differences is small. Our team is ready, we are very tough and I think we will be that team that no one wants to play against, because we are so tough.”

The women will also take the whole team down to College Station to compete. The team has also had a lot of success in their previous tournaments including a championship and a plethora of top three finishes. The women will begin the tournament on Friday and play until Monday.

“We are all super excited just to be there and compete.” Said sophomore Whitney Williams. “We have worked really hard this season and prepared. Win or lose we are happy to be out on the court competing. We are looking forward to this weekend to show what ACU tennis is made of.”

ACU tennis looks to continue their success they have had in previous tournaments so far this year in one of the most important tournaments they will play all year.

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