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Letter to the editor: Removing the article

By Brittany Jackson
Posted on October 23, 2015 | Letters to the Editor,Opinion | Comments Off on Letter to the editor: Removing the article

Ms. Jackson,

I am currently writing to you in response to one of your latest articles titled, “Freshman apprehended on campus after police say he evaded arrest.” I am a close friend to Davis and was present during the events last Friday night. To be honest, I find the article informative and for the most part, truthful. This, however, is where my problem with the article arises. Not only do I find it overly inappropriate to be posted in a school newspaper where Davis is still enrolled, I find it inappropriately rash of you to post the article in the manner in which you did. Not only has Davis not been convicted of the crimes he has so far been charged with, he has also not had his day in court to stand trail before a judge. Do not worry though, he’s facing enough trials and hatred from the student body.
You not only included Davis’ full name, but also his hometown and other personal details in your article. If you had gone so far as to already post the personal things you did about Davis, why not go ahead and add the names of his two brothers, who are also in attendance to ACU, in the article as well? Or maybe even the rest of their family who was in town this past weekend? However, with what you posted already, these extra details must be unnecessary as you basically highlighted who he was and marred his name in every professor’s, faculty member’s, or student’s mind here at ACU.
Not only am I appalled that such an article was posted in our school’s “reputable newspaper,” but I am also afraid that any matter in which I am involved or primarily accused of, both personal/private or public is of free-reign to be posted in the newspaper of the school in which I am currently enrolled.
Ms. Jackson, Davis Wade Fender is currently one of the most talked about people on campus. Whether it be Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Yik Yak, the entire student body is well aware of the events that unfolded this past Friday night. Not only are they aware, but are speaking of the issue and slandering Davis’ name as a “reckless drunk,” a “danger to the campus and student body,” or more simply, “a stupid freshman.” Davis, his family, myself and the rest of our friends are more than aware of what happened as well. However, instead of continuing to talk about how stupid Davis’ mistake was, we rallied around him, prayed for him and checked in to see how he is doing following his release  from Taylor County Jail.
If your intentions are to mar Davis’ name, you have done more than enough by posting this online. If your intentions are to simply get the story out to those few who have yet to read about it on their tiny glowing screens, again, you have done more than enough by posting this article. However, I find it oddly amusing that by attending such a prestigious Christian university, I expected that when something like this happens to students here at ACU, instead of being spread like wildfire through social media and the school’s media outlets spreading incorrectly portrayed information about Davis, they would take the high road and report on important issues that build the student body up as a whole, instead of simply taking the easy route and writing about any bit of news we deem interesting enough to chit chat about.
Ms. Jackson, as a close and personal friend of Davis, I respectfully request that you remove the article for the time being, show respect to Davis and his family for dealing with such a troubling matter and upon his conviction to either serve his time in jail or pay for what he has done so foolishly, then you may repost the article with the entire story with all of your details doubled-checked by those who were involved on that awful Friday night.
In no way am I trying to sound threatening or hateful in my response to your article, and if so, I apologize for any harsh words or interpretations you have of my response. By the rights afforded to you by the Bill of Rights, you have every legal right to post such an article. But I beg of you, just like Jesus did, to show Davis mercy during this hard time in which he is trying to bounce back from and remove your article for the time being. Do not worry, Davis will pay for the crime he has committed. Whether it be in the loss of friends, respect from administrators or other faculty members or time spent behind prison bars, Davis will undoubtedly pay for his mistake and already is.
If you find it within yourself to remove the article, I will be ever grateful for the mercy which I hope you show to him. Thank you for your time.

Cain Foster

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