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Highways and Byways is a form of worship

By Optimist Editorial Board
Posted on October 1, 2015 | Columns,Editorials,Opinion | 1 comment

Highways and Byways is easily the most popular song performed in Chapel, receiving a shout out at least once a week in Moody.

The song features an upbeat tune along with hand motions that make it a fun way to end any Praise Day. But some students question whether the song is an authentic way to worship.

During Tuesday’s Immersed Chapel, a student shouted Highways and Byways to the students leading worship, to which they replied, “No” because the song isn’t what they thought of as a proper form of worship – Jesus’ sacrifice was a pretty serious thing, and Highways and Byways just doesn’t measure up.

I respect this opinion, but respectfully disagree. I think the song is indeed a form of worship. It brings students together in a way that only that song can. Where else will you see thousands of students come together to praise God with such enthusiasm?

Yes, some students take the opportunity to show off how silly they can be or how vigorously they can wave their arms in the air, but many students sing the words and really mean them. And who’s to say we can’t have fun while worshiping as long as God is the focus?

The lyrics have just as much meaning to them as any song by Hillsong or any old church hymn. The song’s popularity among students doesn’t change that.

While we can understand the reasons some students disagree, I’m in favor of Highways and Byways and the joy it brings to campus. As long as the focus is worshiping God, there is nothing wrong with waving your arms in the air to match the lyrics we belt out in the presence of our peers.

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1 Response for “Highways and Byways is a form of worship”

  1. avatar Emily Muhlberg says:

    I respect your opinion and have to disagree. From what I can see, Highways and Byways is not about wholly and fully giving time and glory to God. When Dr. Steven Moore leads it, which he is almost always called up to do, it becomes about HIM and HIS voice and HIS fancy vocal riffs. God is pushed to the background. Guys are caught up in who can do the biggest and most ridiculous arm motions, and girls are caught up in trying to do the motions without looking like they are trying too hard. Everyone is caught up in the fact that “oh my gosh, Dr. Moore is doing Highways and Byways! It’s such a tradition!” That is NOT worship. It’s idolatry of a song and a man who everyone knows can sing.

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