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Opinion page aims to stir conversation

By Brittany Jackson
Posted on August 28, 2015 | Editorials,Opinion | Comments Off on Opinion page aims to stir conversation

The function of the Opinion page is to get students, faculty, staff and all other readers to talk about things happening on and off campus. By detailing our opinions through columns, editorials and cartoons, we hope to stir up conversation about things ranging from the lack of Blue Bell to recent shootings.

Just as we are encouraged to think critically and globally in our coursework, the Opinion page is meant to encourage students to look at an argument from each perspective and defend their own. Editorials and columns will feature an issue, background and a possible solution or stance that the writers see fit.

We do realize school is taxing on brain power at times, so comedic relief is provided through cartoons and featured social media.

The editorial board features eight regular writers, those featured in Monday’s issue. Each editorial is composed of the opinions from each board member.

The cartoon is meant to use one of the world’s best tool in handling bad, awkward or unsettling news: humor. Or, if a situation is too important to not take seriously, it helps readers to visualize the issue at hand.

Tweets are there for reader entertainment, and as a way to let students’ voices be heard.

Columns are also written by these board members, though the content featured under their picture on the editorial page is their sole opinion and does not reflect the entire board.

The opinion page is not purposed solely for the editorial board’s ideas, it’s to generate conversation and provide a venue for student voices to be heard. Anyone can comment online, and letters to the editor are encouraged and may be published in the Optimist or online.

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