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SA Inducts three new cabinet members

By Hannah Null
Posted on May 1, 2015 | News | Comments Off on SA Inducts three new cabinet members

The Students’ Association finalized it’s 2015 cabinet Thursday with the election of a new executive administrator, chief communications officer and chief financial officer.

Abbey Moses, junior political science major and peace and social justice studies minor from McKinney, is serving as ACU’s executive administrator.

Bret Wheless, sophomore marketing major from Frisco, will serve as the CCO.

Austin Cotton, sophomore finance major from Keller, will serve as the CFO.

Under the leadership of SA president Beau Carter, the cabinet is being filled with people striving to work and improve life for students at ACU.

“We took in a variety of different applicants for each position, from which we chose 4-5 for each position to hire,” said Carter, junior political science major from Farmers Branch.

Before being inducted as executive administrator, Moses has already started bettering Abilene by creating an Abilene Environmental Coalition, a group that will raise awareness and look for solutions on state-wide and world-wide environmental problems.

Moses was the first selection made for this year’s cabinet election.

Carter said the hardest part of the selection process was choosing just one person out of the many excellent candidates.

“We are currently in the interviewing stage, and our new officers will be inducted at our Changing of the Guard event, which is basically SA’s formal,” Carter said.

Aside from the SA’s thoughts on their newest board members, the student population is who they are trying to please.

Ryan Woods, sophomore pre-physical therapy major from Dallas, said he is looking forward to what the new members of the cabinet will accomplish.

“Well, I can definitely say that I am very satisfied with our new leadership in SA for the upcoming year,” Woods said. “Each person that was elected happens to be a friend of mine, so needless to say, I think we are headed in a very promising direction considering the new cabinet; I trust these people.”

Official changes to the cabinet will be finalized and the new members will begin making plans for the fall semester at the end of the week.

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