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Reality arrives with newfound adulthood

By Ben Todd
Posted on April 15, 2015 | Columns | Comments Off on Reality arrives with newfound adulthood

Buying a house is one of the most adult-like things I could possibly do on my list (It’s just underneath getting married and doing my taxes properly). Just a few days ago, my friends and I finally signed the lease for our house. What exciting times!

Well… poop. Now I have real responsibilities. My days of being a reckless, carefree college student are over; but hey, it’s probably not that bad. Ever since I’ve received the key for my new abode, my mind has been zipping around about all the possibilities and pitfalls of this new step in my life.

I didn’t realize how much the dorms on campus provided. On top of the utilities and Wi-fi, they gave us a bed and dresser too. Now that I’m in a house, I have to search for those things myself, not just to get me by for the year, but long-term. When I think about a lamp I want to buy, I’m also thinking about if I can take it with me post-college. In other words, I’m planning to make long-term investments in the things I’m buying.

I’m going to be living with three other guys, and so far, I feel very lucky to call them my housemates. I hope it will stay like that in the next few months. I’m glad that my buddies come from different majors rather than all of us being in graphic design (imagine how messy that house could be). This way, we can work off of each other’s strengths. I may not have all the know-alls about recording music, but I know a guy. He lives down the hall from me.

On the extreme plus side, I can have anyone over whenever I want. Pizza parties, movie nights, board game night, sleepovers, LAN parties, cookouts, karaoke, and the list goes on, given that I have the resources. Also, my guests aren’t restricted to the same gender… dang, I guess I have to keep the place clean then.

The biggest dread I have to owning a home is groceries and cooking. There is a much stronger chance of having cold pizza for breakfast and cookie dough for dinner now that the Bean is not a walk away. On the plus side, rumor has it that one of my housemates can cook, so I may be doing him a few favors in return for cooked meals. If not, I’ll be buying a lot of Kraft Mac’n Cheese.

If you have any tips for living, lifehacks for housing, or a mouth-watering kolache recipe, I’m all ears.

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