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The rodeo must go on

By Josh Levinson
Posted on March 20, 2015 | News | Comments Off on The rodeo must go on

The ACU Rodeo lives to see another year despite the fuss over whether the Department of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences should be dissolved. I thought it was definitely dissolved.

The Faculty council has officially dropped the proposal to get rid of the Ag department. Whether this is a temporary or a long-term decision will be answered with time.

“When we received news last semester of the possibility that the department could close, a number of students transferred,” said Brett Dennis, junior environmental science major from Abilene. “Not a huge number, but some were good friends and are sorely missed.”

Despite the loss of students, the annual tradition will continue.

“Our day-to-day operations have not changed at all,” Dennis said. “The rodeo continues to operate and will as well into the future.”

Alpha Epsilon Sigma, an agricultural club within the department, has facilitated the rodeo in the past. Should the department close, the club could still conduct the rodeo as they are separate entities.

“The department will still be around next year unless another motion is made to dissolve it,” Dennis said. “However, in the case this did occur, the rodeo could potentially continue. This would greatly depend on the underclassmen. The Rodeo takes a lot of manpower and dedication. It can be done if we have motivated students to continue it.”

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the rodeo and is open to the public. Social clubs can also compete for intramural points.

Students within the department are looking forward to the continuation of the long-standing tradition.

“I love the ACU rodeo because it is one of the oldest traditions on campus,” said Sara Bishop, junior animal science major from Longmont, Colorado. “The rodeo reminds students of the agricultural background that established this university, and it provides a fun medium to bring students from all types of social groups together.”

This year’s rodeo will be March 26 at the Taylor County Expo Center. Students can sign up at the ACU Rodeo table in the Campus Center until March 25. Spectator tickets will be on sale at the booth the week of the rodeo.

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