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The plight of the iPhone addict

By Catherine Blakemore
Posted on March 5, 2015 | Columns | Comments Off on The plight of the iPhone addict

Hello, my name is Catherine Blakemore and I’m addicted to iPhone applications because it’s like having my own personal MiniBot robot in my pocket.

IPhone applications are a superfluous addition to working with technology, but it’s also a glimpse at what life may be like with robots. Or not.

For me, the iPhone 6 is basically a personal handheld robot. It bings and buzzes to make it just that much easier for me not to think.

The iPhone obsession with the latest phone is appealing for most. However, my obsession goes deeper into the depths and the categorization of the various gems in the App Store.

As a Type A personality, the App Store provides the perfect productivity tools to organize my life just one step more – that one more recipe app, the newest list app or the latest news app.

Wicked winter weather storm in Abilene? Buzz buzz. IPhone tells me the latest winter weather advisory from the National Weather Service (See application “Storm.”).

Collect various Miranda Priestly and Parks and Recreation GIFs to send to your friends while they take tests? “Giflay” organizes all your GIFs from your Camera Roll so you can see them in action.

Since your mom is no longer around to tell you what to do and get mad at you when you don’t do it, you can download “CARROT,” the talking to-do list app. It refers to you as a “clever meatbag” or “lazy human” depending on its mood. Yes, the app has a mood.

For all the Type A’s out there who live off of lists and sleek interfaces, “Priorities” is the app for you. I’ve tried every list on the App Store and none compare to it. It bings and buzzes when you need to turn in that research paper, or three.

Every self-respecting iPhone addict has an app to track just how much time they’re spending on their iPhone. This comes in handy to realize when your addiction has gone too far. It’s also good for friends and family to see when an intervention may be necessary (See application “Moment.”).

The variety of apps and customization on the iPhone provides limitless possibility for organization and thrilling robot adventures.

So pick up the phone, download the pretty app and release your iPhone’s inner MiniBot.

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