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Student filmmakers honored at 11th Annual FilmFest

By Abbey Bowling
Posted on March 25, 2015 | News,Showcase | Comments Off on Student filmmakers honored at 11th Annual FilmFest
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The university conducted its 11th annual FilmFest Gala Friday night, and the event featured 10 films that showcased the range of talent and experience among ACU’s students.

Actually Love, a satirical film that offers a perspective on love and relationships, won awards in four categories: best editor (Denzil Lim), best producer (Laura Harris), best actress (Mikayla Tipps) and best writer (Julia Curtis). The film exposed the audience to the misguided relationships that Hollywood presents, said Curtis.

“FilmFest is an amazing opportunity for filmmakers and artists around ACU,” said Curtis, junior English major from Brownsville. “The best part is the judges that the team gets to bring in. To be able to hear feedback from the judges is wonderful, and they really take the time to help you grow as a filmmaker.”

Epic, a crowd-pleasing comedy, swept three awards categories: best picture, best director (Tim Holt) and best actor (Caleb Pierce). The film’s central theme is about being epic and making the most of your circumstances.

“This is such an encouragement because my dream is to be an actor,” said Pierce, senior musical theatre major from Coppell. “It’s great having this affirmation along the way.”

Best production design went to Loose Ends, best sound design and best cinematography went to The Messy Life of Alexander Lawrence, and Paper Plates won best original music.

Alikay Wood, executive producer of FilmFest, said the purpose of the event is to provide a creative outlet for students interested in film.

“It then provides these students the opportunity to share this work with their peers and be recognized,”said Wood, senior English major from Sacramento, California.

Several other films were screened during the event, including:

  • Nerf Wars 3, a mockumentary about the behind-the-scenes process of filmmaking, which left audience members laughing.
  • Al+Kimie, which showed love isn’t always what people think it is.
  • St. Daniel, a poignant film that showed the importance of sibling love.
  • Tim, a film that followed the life of a new college freshman, kept the audience entertained with a surprise ending.
  • Tales of a Dream Team, which managed to be funny and suspenseful at the same time.

“The whole experience is hands-on and provides an awesome learning opportunity for students,” Wood said.

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