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Johnson resigns from SA presidency, Carter takes office

By Madeline Orr
Posted on March 4, 2015 | Breaking News,News | Comments Off on Johnson resigns from SA presidency, Carter takes office

Rodney Johnson has resigned as SA president. Beau Carter, formerly vice president, has assumed the position.

Chris Riley, vice president of Student Life, informed Congress of Johnson’s decision and read a letter from Johnson explaining his decision at Wednesday’s SA meeting. Johnson was not present at the meeting.

“This year has not been easy for me personally,” the letter said. “I lost someone very close to me at the beginning of my term and over the past year I have not taken the time needed to deal with this loss, therefore I’ve decided it’s in my best interest to resign from SA at this time.”

Riley said Johnson, senior marketing major from Odessa, has accomplished all of the agenda items he set out to do this year and that he encouraged Johnson to take some time for himself.

Carter, junior political science major from Farmers Branch, said according to the constitution, if there is a vacancy in the office of the president, the vice president becomes the president.

After the announcement of his resignation, Andrew Tate, executive treasurer, and Cole McClellen, CFO, announced their resignations. Congress then appointed Tate to executive vice president and McClellen to executive treasurer.

“Since Rodney’s leave of absence until now, we have been preparing in the case this would happen,” Carter said. “Essentially, we just move forward.”

Savannah Hostetter, SA executive administrator, will take over the External Affairs committee which Johnson previously led.

Johnson’s letter said he was confident in the executive team and congress members.

“I’m encouraged by the fact that I am leaving the organization in great hands,” Johnson’s letter read. “I remain very proud of our work together and what we accomplished for the students this year.”

Riley said he felt it was important for Johnson to be involved in the changing of the guard ceremony at the end of the semester.

In the history of ACU’s 89 SA presidents, only one has resigned and one was impeached. In 1967, Steve Woods resigned the summer his term began. In 2009, Daniel Paul Watkins was impeached and removed from office.

Tate, senior biology major from Abilene, said he was excited to fill the vice president position.

“The big job left for the semester is the chair of the elections committee for the executive elections in the spring,” Tate said.

It is unclear whether Johnson’s resignation means he will no longer receive his salary. SA’s combined budget for the president, vice president, treasurer and executive administrator’s salaries is $17,200.

Riley said that because Johnson is an employee of the university, they do not provide details about compensation packages, therefore he would not comment on whether Johnson will continue to be paid or not.

“They’re working within the budget they have to pay the people in the offices,” he said.

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