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ISIS supporters breach Abilene website

By Brittany Jackson
Posted on March 24, 2015 | News | Comments Off on ISIS supporters breach Abilene website

A group claiming to be supporters of ISIS breached the server of an Abilene website Tuesday morning. The team posted sentences such as the “Islamic state will restore dignity for Muslims” on the altered page.

Team System Dz, according to, claims to be a group of anti-Israeli Arab youth.

The hacked website,, owned by Kepha Arcemont, belongs to Abilene Restoration and Construction.

According to Big Country Homepage, the website was one of 15 breached through EncoreVision, a website host, and is expected to be fixed by Wednesday.

The attack comes after the Islamic State Hacking Division released names, photos and addresses of 100 U.S. military personnel Saturday, requesting U.S. supporters to take action.

The addresses of at least seven airmen from Dyess Air Force Base are on the list, according to Big Country Homepage.

IMG_4545According to the Indianapolis Star, an Indiana artisan website was breached by the same group three days ago. The same text was displayed, but lacked a photo present in the Abilene breech.

Team System Dz has been hacked before. According to The Cryptosphere, a website detailing hacktivism, cyberwar, cryptocurrency and more web-related topics, the group went on a “hacking spree” last October. Victims included the University of New Brunswick, which had to temporarily take its website offline as a result of the breach.

According to, the largest international tech blog outside the U.S., Team System Dz began making a name for itself on July 11, 2014, when it breached websites in Israel, posting anti-Israel messages and calling supporters to action against the website owners.

In the July 2014 takeover, Team System Dz posted all the pages it breached on its Facebook page, which has since been taken down.

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