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Cold weather affects construction, city

By Rachel Fritz
Posted on March 5, 2015 | News | Comments Off on Cold weather affects construction, city

Last week’s weather wreaked havoc on Abilene.

Construction workers could not work on Foster Science Building during the snow days and had to wait for the ground to thaw and dry before returning to work.

“When the ground’s real wet, it tears up the heavy equipment,” said Kevin Roberts, chief information officer. “So it’s not just that there are icy roads, it’s that it’s really wet and muddy.”

Bad weather delayed construction for four days as of Monday, but freezing temperatures and precipitation from Wednesday and Thursday showed a potential for more delay.

Roberts said he hopes to get back to work by the end of the week.

Despite the delay, construction on Walling Lecture Hall is still scheduled to end on time and has not been costly.

“We have experienced delay, but it’s not detrimental to the project,” he said. “We build in weather days, though it’s not ideal to use them up in the first two weeks of construction.”

ACU is not the only campus that was affected by the roller coaster weather.

Wylie and Abilene school districts were closed Feb. 23 and 24 and had a delayed start the next day. They closed again Feb. 27.

The City of Abilene was subject to the weather as well.

According to the Abilene Reporter-News, the airport canceled its flights for the day on Friday, and CityLink canceled all bus routes. Firefighters responded to several calls of house fires, and the Abilene Police Department responded to 47 vehicle wrecks Thursday and Friday.

Ironically, Severe Weather Awareness Week was this week, and the city encouraged schools, businesses and families to practice disaster drills Wednesday.

“We don’t think it’s going to happen here until it does,” said Hector Guerrero, warning and coordination meteorologist for the National Weather Service in San Angelo. “A little preparation can save a lot of lives.”

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