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Choose your own adventure: Summer edition

By Brittany Jackson
Posted on March 25, 2015 | Columns,Opinion | Comments Off on Choose your own adventure: Summer edition

The air is getting warmer. Mosquitoes are surfacing in swarms. Summer is near.

You have roughly eight weeks to figure what you’re doing this summer, so you:

A. Decide you have so much time, you’ll figure it out later. But wait, 20 of the 22 students in your 10 a.m. have an internship already. What are you doing with your life?

B. Frantically look up internships, because that’s the only way you’ll ever get a job.

C. Update your résumé. No one cares if you worked take-out for a year in high school.

Time is dwindling. You have less than seven weeks now, so you:

A. Send out your résumé to any job that sounds relevant. One of them will work. Just one.

B. Wait by your phone, bug-eyed, for a call. Nothing comes. You now have to use eye drops every five seconds to keep from going blind.

C. Start to cry. Fetal position is the best.

You realize nothing is going to come of your search, so you:

A. Plan a trip to France. You’re not quite sure what a baguette is, but you’re craving one.

B. Think about spending the summer on your own, driving around the country and living off gas station coffee. But your mom will miss you, so probably not.

C. Contemplate staying in Abilene. Why, why would you contemplate that fate? You seriously consider it despite self-doubt.

Six weeks are left, with no definite plans in sight. So, you:

A. Think about maybe working at a gas station so you could get free coffee. Wait, what are the statistics on gas station robberies? Never mind.

B. Adopt a cat. Become a cat lady/man. That is now your only occupation. Meow.

C. Ponder what life as a truck driver is like. Can you make that into a cool, relevant documentary? That requires a camera. Oops.

You stop and look around at your polished résumé and at the opportunities at your feet. You realize you have more potential than a cat lady/man, so you:

A. Breathe. You focus on your tasks at hand and let everything fall into place.



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