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SA budget tighter for spring than fall

By Brittany Jackson
Posted on February 6, 2015 | News | Comments Off on SA budget tighter for spring than fall

The 91st Students’ Association passed the spring 2015 budget Wednesday evening after seven proposed amendments were made to the budget and one passed.

 The student organizations budget allocation was decreased by $4,328 from last semester, and SA saw a decrease of five groups requesting funding.

 SA received a total request of $146,881.30 allocations, and was able to grant $39,210 to student groups.

 The meeting went according to SA President Rodney Johnson’s new process, which eliminated the opportunity for student groups to take the floor in debates and facilitated more questioning and action from Congress.

 He said the process is part of the Congress’s Rules to Order, but has been neglected in the past.

SA Treasurer Andrew Tate, senior biology major from Abilene, and Chief Financial Officer Cole McClellan, junior accounting major from Parker, presented the budget. The floor was then opened for a 10-minute question forum for everyone present.

Then, the process of amending the budget began, with Congress members proposing different allocations of money. Student members were allowed to speak up about their received funds and proposed uses of them when Congress members asked questions.

After the time of inquiry, Congress then moved into a time of debate between members. Following the time of debate, Congress then moved into voting.

Beau Carter, junior political science major from Farmers Branch, agreed with Johnson’s decision.

“Really, the only difference was how we asked questions to the student groups,” he said. “We were more intentional in our questioning, and also they were not able to take the debate floor.” 

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 12.49.48 AM

Students Association Spring 2015 Budget

Six motions were made to amend the budget, but only one passed.

The largest dollar amount in question was $1,000 to be taken from SA’s Congressional Project Fund and Executive Cabinet Initiative Fund to be dispersed to SA’s appropriations funding, the Shinnery Review, the Biology Research Club and Film Fest.

The amendment passed with 27 in favor, one opposed and five abstaining.

The motion to previous question occurred halfway through the meeting, but did not pass, and the Congress voted and passed a 10-minute recess.

An hour and a half after the meeting began, Congress made a motion to previous question, voted on the proposed amendments and passed the spring 2015 budget.

Six members were also voted into Congress before the meeting, their names, information and appointments are listed as following:

 —Abbey Moses, junior political science major from Abilene, as the junior class treasurer.

—Connor Osburn, senior accounting major from Southlake, as the off-campus representative.

—Alexis Sauceda, senior political science major from Donna, as the Hardin Administration Building representative.

—Kyle Karnei, sophomore accounting major from McGregor, as the sophomore class vice president.

—John Allen II, junior accounting major from Burleson, as the College of Business Administration representative.

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