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Crowdfunding is the smartest invention

By Brittany Jackson
Posted on February 15, 2015 | Columns | Comments Off on Crowdfunding is the smartest invention

Sing Song has ended. Three different acts now have $1,000 to give to their chosen charity. Let’s review the options, shall we?

In true countdown fashion, my first thought was to go to a crowdfunding platform. Why not give back to the community in that way?

Crowdfunding platforms, which date back before 2012 but only recently attracted media attention, appear to have the best aggregation of charities available.

Sites like Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Crowdrise, Quirky, Tilt and allow those with spare change to throw it at whomever they please, oftentimes including donating to charitable cause on a rewards-based project.

I thought it would be helpful to advertise these platforms for their stellar use and to perhaps encourage Saturday night’s winners to give to a worthy cause.

Here we go, brace yourselves:

First, we’ve got the crystal bacon, which just needs a little over $1,000. But you can all pool together, right? Because if there’s anything the world needs, it’s inedible bacon.

Second, the world’s most super-amazing-100-percent-awesome cat calendar (yes, that’s a thing). It’s already exceeded the goal amount, now at about $25,000, but it’s still important, and you should think about all the cats you can have on calendars.

Third, I just have two words for you: grilled cheezus. Who doesn’t want the toasted face of Jesus on their morning meal? Just mull it over. The answer is no one, by the way.

Fourth, the midlife crisis squirrel tattoo, asking for $2,000. Because if you’re going to get something tattooed on your body, it’d better be a squirrel.

Fifth, meat soap, which has already raised $1,905 . Now, instead having to bathe in the still-bubbling bacon grease from Sunday breakfast, you already have that aroma packed into a nice soap bar.

Sixth, and possibly the most important, a Doctor Who rap album. But in all seriousness, if I wasn’t a struggling college student, I would throw a few bucks to that fundraiser.

Y’all have options, so I’d say go out and explore. After all, the Internet is a wonderful place, where only intelligent and worthy causes congregate.

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