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Zombie-proof ACU building search

By Ben Todd
Posted on October 23, 2014 | Columns,Opinion | Comments Off on Zombie-proof ACU building search

The topic is simple: Zombies have invaded campus.

The government is containing the issue by killing anything that attempts to run off campus – including students. You have to survive on campus for an indefinite amount of time until it all blows over.

The question is: Which building on campus do you hold up in? Today, we go through the pros and cons of the main buildings on campus.

Bible Building

Pros: Second floor can be used to reign death from above the atrium. It is near the Campus Center for future supply runs. Jesus may also be keeping a closer eye on us in that building.

Cons: Echoing spaces may be loud and attract more of the undead.

Art/JMC Building

Pros: Access to lots of building materials and weapons (e.g. blowtorches and drills).

Cons: Hallways. You must be ready for close-quarters combat.

Moody Coliseum/SRWC

Pros: Lots of heavy/lethal equipment to drop on the undead. Will be able to maintain fitness in case you need to make a run for it.

Cons: So many windows and too many entrances to protect.


Pros: You will die comfortably sitting on your bed eating your bodyweight in Cheetos.

Cons: Too many rooms to check through. Hard to find weapons from room furniture and decoration. Exiting fire escape doors sets alarm off which will attract zombies.

World Famous Bean/Campus Center

Pros: Large supply of food. Tables and chairs can be used to barricade. Campus store has metal barricade.

Cons: Apart from a few knives, there are very few weapons (unless you can get creative with that piano). Also, too many windows.

Hunter Welcome Center

Pros: Lots of open space around it, serves as a good lookout.

Cons: When push comes to shove, it is very far away from any crucial resources such as food and weapons.

Foster Science Building

Pros: Science means chemicals, chemicals mean explosions and exploding zombies are good. Let’s not forget about that awesome rooftop access.

Cons: So many corners to look around. Very little to do in your downtime, except study.


Pros: Lots of barricade furniture such as bookshelves. Books can be used to maintain a fire or to read until the apocalypse ends.

Cons: Apart from the Maker Lab, good luck making a weapon to protect yourself.

So there’s a brief look at how zombie-proof our buildings are. Which do you think is the best? Do your friends agree with you?

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