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Galaxy to have benefit dinner for KGR

By Kynzie Newman
Posted on October 9, 2014 | News | Comments Off on Galaxy to have benefit dinner for KGR

Galaxy will have their first benefit dinner on Friday to raise money for the Kirk Goodwin Run in the spring.

In 1984, Galaxy pledge Kirk Goodwin was killed in a car accident while driving home for the weekend. Galaxy men knew they couldn’t take away the pain from the tragedy, so they came together to lessen the financial pressure on the Goodwin family by raising money.

In Goodwin’s honor, Galaxy organized an annual 5K race. Every year since his death, Galaxy has provided financial assistance to families in similar situations.

Last year, the social club added a half-marathon to the traditional 5K race. In an effort to continue reaching out to the community, they decided to organize a benefit dinner. This allows them to plan and pay for the event much further ahead of time.

The KGR dinner will allow Galaxy to have more capital to invest in the race. All profit has always gone to charity. If they are able to cover costs before the race, all profits received after race day will be donated.

Spencer Woolfolk, junior marketing major from San Antonio, is coordinating the benefit dinner.

“We believe that the KGR Run is the most important aspect of our club,” Woolfolk said. “The race has extended even further than being a Galaxy event into the community of ACU and Abilene. This race means so much to so many people and we are blessed to be able to host it.”

Last year, more than 300 participated in the race and raised over $30,000 from runners and sponsorships. The money was donated to a local medical charity.

Pastor Rick Atchley from The Hills Church in Ft. Worth will speak at the event. His message will be titled “Run the Race.”

Galaxy alumni will attend the benefit dinner as well as individuals from the Abilene and ACU community.

The dinner will be from 7:30-9 p.m. at the Windsor Hotel.

“The legacy that Kirk left behind still lives on and continues to bless others in his name and the name of Christ,” Woolfolk said.

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