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Building’s renovations to displace occupants

By Linsey Thut
Posted on May 1, 2014 | News | Comments Off on Building’s renovations to displace occupants

Renovations in the building plan of the new Onstead Building will allow new spaces for the residents of the Chambers Building as well as new offices for Students’ Association.

The former plans for the building had all the Chambers’ residents, as well as the math and science departments, in the Onstead building.

Dr. Robert Rhodes, provost, said the fit was tight.

“I think the biggest issue initially was space, where we had very little room for growth in any of the programs,” Rhodes said.

Now, Chambers’ residents will be moved to different locations over campus.

The Department of Language and Literature will move to the second floor of the Hardin Administration Building, in the central hall of the south wing, where the Graduate School offices currently reside.

The Graduate School offices will move to renovated spaces in the library.

The Department of Psychology will move to McKenzie Hall on the west side of the second floor where Student Life is. The department’s clinic is in the east basement of McKenzie.

Gregory Straughn, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, said this move consolidates departments.

“I think this was the right thing to do as far as strategic moves and putting people into closer proximity with like portions of their units,” Straughn said.

Straughn said the Student Life offices that will be inhabited by psychology will move to the Campus Center.

“We will be renovating the Campus Center, making it more ADA accessible and allowing all of Student Life to be in the same place,” Straughn said.

The renovations in the Campus Center will also open up the possibility for moving and renovating the SA office.

Dylan Benac, senior political science major from Boerne and former SA president, said while it is not a definite decision, he has been talking with Jan Meyer about SA offices moving into what used to be the bowling alley in the bottom of the Campus Center.

“I’ve seen a brief sketch of what our potential new gigs will look like, but it’s one of those things we do not know for sure,” Benac said.

Benac said the decision should be confirmed in the next two weeks.

“They’re just trying to see if we have enough money and if it can be done the way it’s supposed to be done,” Benac said.

Benac said while the new space will be central to the offices of Student Life, he is also concerned the SA offices will be too connected to Student Life.

“I really like the idea of being in proximity of Student Life, but we shouldn’t have attaching office,” Benac said.

However, Benac said the new space will give the SA offices the professional presentation they need, as well as accessibility to students.

As specifics of the new plans are still being discussed, Straughn said he thinks this arrangement will benefit everyone.

“As many folks come out of this with a win as I think is really possible,” Straughn said. “I don’t think it diminishes anyone’s capacity to flourish.”

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